Orientally Oriented

I spent the entire afternoon yesterday holed up in the study room drawing. More like – drawing, adding detail and inking. I suddenly had the impulse (since the night before) to draw ancient Chinese apparel or something like it. Told Anna that perhaps I’m subconsciously “sulking” because I didn’t get to watch The Banquet. Not that the story’s interesting, but I’ve had like 5 or 6 different people all telling me that I should watch it because the set design and costumes are fantastic. Doesn’t help that one of the animes I’m watching now is a historical fiction story set in ancient China. Sigh.

Anyway, it’s fun to draw in the intricate stuff sometimes. :) (When you use one A4 paper per figure, that’s more than enough space for small details…) My mother said to try combining the details with the Daly-esque style I was going with the days before, and I will – but not now. Hahahah! This is just one of those times when I feel like going slightly more realistic and detailed in pics. *artist mood swings*

Nice? Nice? … No? :(

Don’t care. Hahahahahahaha

I’ve another three but those aren’t done yet. Heh. I’ll get around to colouring all these – some day. La di da…

2 thoughts to “Orientally Oriented”

  1. hello! :)

    darn.. i can never be patient enough to draw all that intricate details…*respects yuin-y* somehow it always ends up in a mess when i try to accomplish it..hehe..

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