Rosslyn Chapel


Essays are done with so now I can enjoy life! (For the next 3 weeks or so anyway… provided I don’t start worrying about fwhether I’ll pass or not.)

So the day after my Deep Sea World visit, I went to Rosslyn Chapel. Yeah, the Da Vinci Code one. How’d they spell it in the book? Roslin, I think? Dunno. Can’t remember. ahahahaha

Anyway I went because my flatmate found out that the International Society was organising a trip there so we figured why not? :P

There was something going on in Edinburgh that day though until now I have no idea what exactly it was. But as we were walking to the bus stop across the fields behind George Square, there was this looong procession of people – different groups for… well, I dunno what. Didn’t get to snap many pics because the group we were with just continued walking and I had no intention of getting left behind. Here’s one pic though:

The bus trip to Rosslyn took quite a while. But we got to see farmland!

Reminds me of those Enid Blyton farm stories… Mistletoe Farm, Willow Farm and.. what was the other one… Cherry Tree Farm? ahaha

SHEEP! Fluffy white sheep! *jakun*

We saw lots of sheep but most were far away and thus most of my sheep pictures just look like green fields with white blobs scattered on them.


Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos inside Rosslyn Chapel, so we had to make do with the exterior.

The ugly steel frames and stuff are because it’s currently undergoing conservation. The roof was completely covered and inside the ceiling was covered too. They’re trying to dry out the stones and do some other such stuff…

A side door.

Look, more steel frames!

The interesting thing about that whole rig was that they allow visitors to go up the walkway and walk around the roof. So you get quite a good look at the roof details and a nice view of the surrounding area.

Some images from the walkway! (Yes, the three tiny ones are clickable thumbnails. Click and you should be directed to the larger image.)

And one of the view~

(…I think I should have added a black border to this photo. The top part totally disappears into my page because it’s so white.)

Supposedly you can see the Rosslyn castle ruins from up there. But there wasn’t any clear indication exactly where it was. I guessed it was that stump of wall next to the house with a blue roof… (I love my camera’s zoom length!) After checking Google, I think I’m right. 8D

The inside of the chapel was really gorgeous – in the historic and the gothic architecture sense. The tour guide had some really interesting things to say about Rosslyn Chapel’s history and about some of the carvings. (Seriously, the interior of that chapel is insane. I don’t think there’s a piece of wall that’s blank. Quite overwhelming in detail.) My brain was filled with the stories and historical facts that I will probably never need to use but will remember longer than most things I actually should be retaining in memory. XD I think people who aren’t interested in art or history might be bored with Rosslyn though… There’s nothing else to do around the area besides see the chapel. lol.

It’s also apparently a working chapel – i.e. they still have Sunday services there and such. Must be interesting. But I think if I attended that church, I’d not be able to pay attention to the message easily. ahahahaha

If they had allowed photography inside the chapel… I wonder how long it would have taken me to extract myself from there. :P


Also: It snowed today! :D (Well, first it was sleet… then later it was snow~) But the downside is that if I go outdoors, my fingers are freezing even with gloves on. D:


Got anything to add or say? :D