The Question.

Was talking to Judson and Julian after service just now, and Julian asked me if I’m still [in MMU] or if I’ve finished (something like that anyway). Then Judson piped up.

“The question everyone wants to ask her – do you have a boyfriend yet?” He started laughing – don’t ask me why; I don’t know. hehe

I told him that’s the first time anyone’s asked me that this hols (and I’ve been back about three weeks already).

Julian said that actually they’re curious, but no one dares to ask. LOL.

(Anyhow, the answer’s still NO. hahah.)

Did I leave that much of an impression such that they wouldn’t dare ask? I suppose that’s useful in a way. I won’t be bugged by peculiar questions so much. *evil grin* But if you must know, guys, I’ve mellowed substantially. Can’t you tell? hehe..

I’m still kinda high-strung (heh) but just asking won’t get you killed. :P Judson sure didn’t suffer. In fact, I think it was quite hilarious on the whole.

However, persistent asking of inane questions with intent to aggravate runs a high risk of an answer that is not really an answer, but sounds like an answer and makes you wonder if I was actually answering you, or giving you an incomplete answer, or no answer at all. O, the mental torture. *more evil grin*

‘Kay. That line there about the answering was fun to write. ahahahahahah

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  1. You did??? I don’t remember reading it. Can’t find it leh… Wakakaka! Anyways, have a great semester, Yuinee! God bless! Toodles… LE BEQUADRO!

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