London: St. Alban’s

Met up with Ming, Yan and Shawn on December 28th, and Aunty Lee Choo and Uncle Kevin took us around St. Alban’s for a bit. I was definitely still flu-ey that day (apparently sleeping most of Christmas and Boxing Day didn’t help a great deal) and was extraordinarily clumsy (I fell down twice, which was so undignified and so not fun; I’m just lucky I didn’t twist my ankle or something).

Anyway, St. Alban’s…

There used to be a Roman town there, I think. Behold the remainders of the Verulamium!

(And as with my other London posts, pictures are clickable thumbnails~)

The frozen lake, with birds walking on the ice.

And where it wasn’t frozen, the birds swam instead.

I’m amused by this pic. It looks like a duck drill sergeant inspecting his troops. hahah!

The ducks are soooo greedy. Give them a hint of food and they’ll all start following you around.

I don’t know what bird this is, but it had striking colouring. Yellow eyes, bluish beak, purplish head and black and white feathers on the body.

A swan! I love swans. They just may be my second favourite animals after dolphins.

This was a really peculiar bird. No idea what it is though…

We went to St. Albans Cathedral. (Aaaaaaaand I just noticed that I marked all the pics wrongly. I don’t think there should be an apostrophe in St Albans. Ish. Whatever.)

The standard feature: stained glass.

Hmm. The textures came out really nicely here. =)

I wish this picture was sharper, but otherwise I really like this one!

Sometimes all these carvings disconcert me a bit because they remind me too much of Buddhist and Hindu temples. Nevertheless, the worksmanship is amazing!

The ceiling was pretty too…

Okay! What’s next… Hmm. I still have pics from Kensington Palace (although I won’t post many since a lot aren’t to my satisfaction) and Hampton Court. And a few from Liverpool.


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