How did I go for so long without Malaysian curry? :3

Bought a new pot and pan for myself today because one of my flatmates scorched yet another of our cooking pots (two were already badly scorched last sem – and very likely by the same person) so I figured it’s just easier if I have my own. Mum agreed, so I dropped by Tesco before class and got me some new stuff~

Thus armed with brand new pot, I tried making curry! Not that I had to do much. Open packet of curry paste mix (that came all the way from Penang :x ), put the paste in the pot with chicken, fry, add water, simmer, add milk, stir and boil and that’s ittttt. And it was just… so familiar. In terms of smell, anyway. hahah! Oh, I randomly decided to add some chopped onion bits. Dunno why – just felt like it. I don’t think the onions really made much difference…

I still have some of the curry paste left. (Well, the instructions on the back of the packet were meant for 1.5kg of chicken – and I had what, 300g? Obviously I’m not gonna use up the entire thing at one go.) Hmm. I think that’ll be tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. muahahaha.

Got anything to add or say? :D