Fashion Frenzy

Perhaps I’ve overdosed on the reality show Project Runway… But season 1 and 2 were so cool to watch! It’s something designers – fashion or no – can relate to. As my friend Evonne said, it’s a rather accurate portrayal of most designers/artists’ lives: small budgets, too-close deadlines, stress, competition and harsh critics.This is the only reality TV show that I’m really keen on at the moment. Last time, it was Survivor (from season 2 until 4 or 5 I think). American Idol… I never really followed. The auditions were a hoot, but I didn’t really track the series after the auditions. Malaysian Idol was interesting in season 1 – Jaclyn Victor was good. :) But season 2 was like American Idol – only kept me interested as far as the auditions.

Quick intro to Project Runway for the uninitiated: Reality TV show. Competition for fashion designers. Every episode there is a new challenge, and the one with the worst outfit gets kicked out. The designers compete to be one of the final three, who will present their own collections on the runway at Olympus Fashion Week in New York and thus be in the running to win $100, 000 to start their own line, a spread in Elle magazine, and a mentorship with the Banana Republic design team.

I had my favourites in both seasons of Project Runway (clear testament to the sort of fashion sense I favour). In season 1, my favourite was Austin Scarlett, who was in the last four, but sadly didn’t make it to the final three, although many people think he should have. In season 2, I highly favoured Chloe Dao and Daniel Vosovic, both of whom made it to the final three (yay!) and one of them won. ;)

*points at picture above*
That comes from all the Project Runway influence coupled with my new brush pens. (I’m trying to learn how to ink my drawings a different way – with nice, tapered lines, not the ‘flat’ type I’ve been doing all along.) Oh, throw in the World Cup anticipation as well. Heheh… (FYI – that’s Argentina [first two], Germany, Brazil and Spain. :P ) Rather nostalgic in a way. I had my own “collection” during the last World Cup. Looks like I may have another collection again. LOL.

When I think about it, if I had managed to be friendlier with the sewing machines at school, I might have considered fashion design more seriously. But as it was, sewing machines and I were generally on a “tolerable acquaintance” basis, nothing more. Hahah… Still, perhaps illustration and graphic design and stage direction are more my thing, eh?


Things learnt through today’s post: Okay, so Photobucket links do work. I wonder what went wrong the other day. O_o But images don’t align that nicely here – no matter what the host. The words come out with barely 1 pixel between the edge of the pic, and the text, if I align the pic to the left like I usually do in Tabulas. Ish.
The Custom fields… How do I use those? Hm.
June 5
: Whee! Success! (After an hour’s struggle with the instructions and PHP. Gosh, I feel dumb when handling PHP…) But, bleh. It displays everything, not just the fields I fill in. So it’s either I fill in everything or put dashes in for the blank fields…

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