Avengers: Endgame – Second Viewing Thoughts

I went to see it a second time (and I still want to see it again). It was nice to be able to relish all the scenes I loved, and to just pay less attention/go to the bathroom during the scenes I wasn’t as interested in…

Some second-viewing notes:

  • There’s a definite difference in the audience. First viewing during the first weekend of the movie’s release seemed to have more avid fans, or at least people who were more interested in the story. Second viewing, going into the second weekend of release, seemed to have more confused viewers. Perhaps it was a lot of friends and partners and family members getting dragged by avid fans to see it? There was a significant amount of puzzled whispering, especially at the beginning. Plus, at certain moments, the difference in the audience was pretty obvious. E.g. when Steve wields Mjolnir, the audience in my first viewing had a more thrilled reaction. But at the second viewing, the collective reaction was a confused, “Huh??” Clearly those were people who’d largely forgotten Age of Ultron.
  • The ending scenes – Tony’s funeral, and Steve dancing with Peggy – made me cry just as much as the first time round. Only this time I noticed a difference in my crying: the funeral prompts silent tears, but the dance scene takes a lot of self-control to not sob audibly. The latter scene evokes such strong sentiments in me that I want to clutch a pillow and cry copiously. Maybe it’s ridiculous, but that’s what happens when the moviemakers unexpectedly gift me with a happy ending for a character I love. And not just any happy ending, but the happy ending I would have wanted the character to have.
  • I’ve also figured out just why I love the ending given to Steve so much. It’s because I went into the movie, fully expecting him to die. Or at least figuring that there was a very high likelihood that he would die for the cause. So to have the moviemakers present me with the dream happy ending… That was simply overwhelming.
  • They could’ve put a little more effort into making 1970s Peggy Carter look like she was older. If they weren’t going to add it to the VFX budget, maybe some white streaks in her hair at least?
  • Apart from 1970s Peggy, all the other aging/deaging work by LolaFX was superb. That young Michael Douglas. That aged Steve Rogers. It’s simply astounding and I want a behind-the-scenes documentary on how LolaFX works their particular brand of magic.
  • Thor in this movie really is a good depiction of depression. And I have to salute the directors again for not making him magically revert to his godly physique during the final battle. It was a gutsy move on their part.
  • Karen Gillan did a marvellous job playing Nebula in Endgame. I liked the interactions with the rest of the Avengers, and that voice she uses for the character really works.
  • The shield that Steve brought back from the the past (or the alternate timeline) to give to Sam… That’s not the same shield, is it? It seemed to have some different grooves or patterns etched onto the star segment.
  • All the original Avengers had weighty emotional moments, except maybe Bruce Banner. It was really nice that they all had scenes where their emotions were really at the forefront.
    • Steve seeing Peggy in the 1970s, and that look of longing and sadness on his face.
    • Tony with his father, getting a sort of closure he didn’t get before.
    • Thor with his mother, also getting some closure and a confidence boost.
    • Nat and Clint on Vormir, holding hands and just being one step short of crying.
    • Nat’s “Let me go. It’s okay.”
    • Clint’s pained, frustrated words to Thor after Nat’s funeral; they can’t get her back and Thor should just go talk to the “floating red guy” if he kept insisting on it.
    • (Bruce tossing a bench across the lake didn’t do anything for me. I get that he was supposed to be upset about Nat, but… *shrugs* )
  • I will join the faction that says Bucky knew full well what Steve meant to do when he went to return the Infinity Stones. I paid close attention to that scene, and it’s pretty clear that Bucky knew. He seemed too sombre, and the “I’ll miss you” line doesn’t make sense if he thought Steve was going to return immediately.
  • “3000” is the new “Do you wanna build a snowman?” But more flexible because you can append “3000” to different emotions. “I love you 3000.” “You annoy me 3000.” “I hate him 3000.” Etc.
  • Two things that I definitely disliked more on the second viewing were:
    • The joke of Loki turning into Cap for a couple of seconds. It wasn’t that funny. However... I do see that it was necessary in order to set up the fight between Steve and this 2012 self. The 2012 Steve needed to think that 2023 Steve was Loki in disguise, and seeing Loki transform, even for just a couple of seconds, allows for that mistaken assumption.
    • The shot of the other female characters suddenly coming up to back Carol. This had no purpose at all. It was simply gratuituous. It reminded me of the reveal of Enfys Nest in Solo. Am I supposed to feel extra excited or happy just because you gave me a scene where all the ladies are doing the hero work? Because if I was supposed to feel that, it failed completely. It was terribly forced and didn’t carry any emotional weight.

Scenes and Moments I (Still) Like

  • Steve using Mjolnir is every bit as satisfying as before. Love it. It pays off that party scene from Age of Ultron so well.
  • Poor Scott Lang trying to eat his tacos outside the Avengers HQ and failing because the taco filling gets blown out of his hand when Nebula returns with Rocket. And then he gets a fright when Rhodey unceremoniously lands in front of him.
  • When Scott finds out they just handed Loki’s sceptre over to the SHIELD agents who were secretly Hydra agents and he can’t believe it. “They look like bad guys!” he tells Tony. He’s right. hahahaha
  • Steve’s delighted little smirk when he saunters out of that elevator, having successfully fooled the SHIELD/Hydra agents with that whispered, “Hail Hydra.”
  • Clint and Nat being unable to help feeling a little bit thrilled about going into space, even though it’s a deadly serious mission to Vormir.
  • Clint’s realisation that he and Nat aren’t exactly on the same page about who should be the sacrifice for the Soul Stone.
  • Steve standing up, with his broken shield, steeling himself to face Thanos and his army possibly alone.
  • Wanda just going all-out against Thanos and coming so close to beating him singlehandedly that he has to call on his ship to “rain fire” in order to distract her.
  • Frigga surprising Thor so much that he shrieks. xD
  • The Asgardian guards chasing Rocket and calling him a rabbit. Evidently, rabbits on Asgard look like raccoons.
  • When Tony starts lashing out at Steve, Steve does his level best to not retaliate, and instead regards Tony with a sorrowful and sympathetic look. He’s not angry with Tony, but he gets that Tony is exhausted and traumatised. So he just lets Tony continue his angry rants.
  • Scott being enthralled by Thor’s semi-drunken exposition on the Aether, Jane, and Frigga, whilst everyone else is just exchanging awkward glances or looks of concern, evidently wondering whether Thor is really up to all this.

One thought to “Avengers: Endgame – Second Viewing Thoughts”

  1. Great that you make a second review post. I’m a bit of a mixed for Steve’s ending here. I don’t understand well enough how he can be the “worthy” person when he lied to Tony Stark and kept secret to Tony Stark on Bucky murdering the Starks. I re-watch civil war and remembered Tony gave a very heartfelt response to Steve that he was Steve’s friend too. The part where he rant madly at Steve during the endgame is really fair. Every word said makes sense.

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