Sauron’s Inspiration


I shall now continue to demonstrate my inconsistency of blogging content.

This had me cracking up all of Sunday. I can’t help it – it’s the LOTR geek in me. (And oooh, look at the Shire Reckoning widget in the sidebar today – I didn’t realise Sam’s daughter was born on the same day Gollum fell into the Crack of Doom with the Ring.)

(Click the image to see it on the xkcd site.)

xkcd‘s comic strips tend to be a bit beyond me because it’s mostly engineering/math jokes, but every now and then something like this surfaces and I love it! XD

If you need an explanation, click “Continue” below, but I think that once it has to be explained, the joke kinda falls flat. It’s either you get it or you don’t. Heh.

Single Ladies is a Beyonce song (Youtube link, anyone?). So here it’s implying that Sauron’s inspiration for all the rings he made – including the One Ring – was that song, since it goes “if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.”

Get it..? ^^

(I must admit, that song is kinda catchy…)

Got anything to add or say? :D