End-of-Terms are Stressful.

That’s why I’ve suddenly gone silent. Updates might be sparse over the next couple of weeks – unless I get stressed and blog just to vent or distract myself – until I get my thesis outline and Theory essay in. Same applies to my 365 blog. I’ve only just managed to catch up with the week’s backlog. (Technically, I’m not backlogged because I do the pieces. I just don’t scan and edit them in time to post.)

And just so this entry has something a little more substantial to it:

It was really foggy on Thursday for some reason. Like, all of a sudden on Thursday there was fog. The oddities of UK weather…
(No, it wasn’t that dark and that peculiar colour – I was just fiddling again. hahah)

On another note: daylight savings means another shift in time. My laptop’s clock jumped from 12.59AM to 2.00AM all at once. I feel like I’m in Back to the Future.


Got anything to add or say? :D