London: Tower of London

I still haven’t finished my London posts! Argh. There should be one or two more after this one so I’m almost done la…

Tower of London from the outside..

Ok, I’m kinda lazy to comment on every photo so some won’t have any captions. hahah

Pretty blue door~

A jester! This guy was fun. I have a couple of videos of him with some kids participating in his tricks. :)

The crown jewels of England are in there. The queue to enter is LONG. I stood in line for 15 minutes outside (in freezing wind!) and then what felt like another 10 minutes inside. It’s a bit exasperating when you can’t really spend time looking at the crowns up close but then if they let everyone stand there and stare, other people would never get in. Still, those crowns were really glilttery and sparkly. Diamonds galore. *_*

Uhm. I forgot what this was. Replicated/restored room of King something or other.

Tower Bridge! I love how my shots of this came out. :)

At Kings Cross station, we just had to go looking for the Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4…


Oh, we also stopped at HMV somewhere. They were having a sale and I got quite a haul. 8D

I was like, “Nat King Cole! Bobby Darin! Harry Belafonte! Aaaaah! BUY.” (Yes, my taste in music is obvious, isn’t it?)


Got anything to add or say? :D