Edinburgh Zoo 1

(“1” because I have every intention of going to the zoo again one day since I didn’t manage to see the whole place when I went last sem. So the next time I go, that’ll be zoo post #2. haha)

Just trying to keep myself awake and not fall asleep in the middle of writing…

Zoo entrance…

Sea lion!

Wallaby (I think).


Chimp! Nice pose :P

Some kid that was looking at some monkeys…

A really big owl. I like the fact that it stayed so still – I got quite a few decent pictures of it.

… oh shucks. I’ve forgotten what this is. Some rodent or other.

Uhm… yeah. This was one weird monkey. LOL.

Penguinsssssss. ♥

I wondered what these king penguins were looking at in the enclosure…

Turns out they were looking at a little penguin family~

It kind of reminded me of those baby-viewing rooms at hospitals. You know, the ones with big glass windows where everyone stands outside and looks in at the newborn babies? hahahah

Mom, dad, and baby.

Babyyyyyy. Not very pretty, but kinda cute. =)

Random penguin just chillin’.

This one kind of looked like it was afraid of the water for a while…

More penguins!

I like penguins. Yes, I do.

Penguins getting food.

Penguin on some random floating thing in the water.

Tapirs! From Malaysia! I never quite realised how big tapirs can get…

That’s it – time for me to get back to my chapter. @_@


Got anything to add or say? :D