Blackford Hill is Nice.


Why I like Blackford Hill:

1. It’s near King’s Buildings.

2. I can walk up the hill without feeling like I’m going to die by the time I get to the top.

3. There is a pond with ducks and some other waterfowl – and a swan! ♥ And occasional herons…

Swans are gorgeous.

4. There are bunnies there. ♥ ♥ ♥

Video clip of adorable wild rabbit and other photos of other things follow…

It’s a very very short clip, but anyway:

(Side note: I also moved the video clip on my Deep Sea World post to Youtube. I had a feeling that the Quicktime file loads kinda slow sometimes…)

I wasn’t really expecting to see any rabbits when I went to Blackford Hill today. But I was thinking, Well, God, it’d be nice if I could see at least one rabbit?

Then, after maybe 20 minutes of wandering around the hilltop and taking photos and just sitting and staring into space and listening to music on the iPod, I started downhill. Rounded a clump of bushes, saw a rabbit about 10m away, gasped audibly and stopped walking.  The rabbit must’ve heard me because when I gasped its head shot up and looked in my direction. (Whoops. Note to self: Don’t gasp next time.) It scuttled a few paces away and I noticed that it wasn’t alone – there was another one near it! Two rabbits~!

I’d barely turned my camera on when this older couple came walking past me… and scared the rabbits away. At this point I noticed a third rabbit there. D: I was rather annoyed… but then saw that one was still in sight and hadn’t run off into the bushes with the other two. Managed to get a few photos of it, and that short short video clip before someone else walked by and scared that last rabbit away too.

If ever there was a time I really wanted to be a Disney princess, it was then. Must be nice to be able to befriend (wild) animals like Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora…

But, well, I saw more than one rabbit. So, thanks, God. :)


Other photos…


I just realised that this shot aaaalmost looks like I had a fisheye lens on my camera. A little bit. hahah. Because of the curve of the land.


And now, random flower shots from random gardens along the way to Blackford Park. (Not particularly excellent shots from an “artistic” POV, but I just wanted to get the colours. And I didn’t want to look like a weirdo spending too much time staring into other people’s gardens. hahah) Spring is definitely a much nicer time for photography.



  1. So nice – the flowers!

  2. Woh!!! I forgotten how beautiful it is in U.K.

  3. mom: The flowers are really pretty! (Only problem is that got lots of bees around too…)

    Ben: Whoa!!! You still read my blog? hahah
    Yeah, the UK is really gorgeous in the spring :)

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