Langkawi: Day 1

I meant to make just one post for the short Langkawi trip but as I have assignments to grade and other things to do, I haven’t found the time to look through and edit all the pictures I have. So I’ll have to make three separate posts instead of one I guess. (Anyway I’m having something of a writer’s block lately – don’t know what to blog about. Maybe this is a good thing after all haha)

We stayed at a house belonging to a friend’s family. It was an interesting looking house (which I can’t show here to maintain their privacy), and we slept amidst the sounds of insects and frogs. I’m sure there were mosquitoes too but we escaped them thanks to mosquito netting. It was unfortunately rather humid, what with there being no fan or air-conditioning to help air circulation. But I’ve been in worse places. *thinks of nights spent in hot stuffy tents on camping trips…*

This is what the view from the top floor looks like when rain approaches from afar.

We went to the town of Kuah for some duty-free shopping and then dropped by the pasar malam there.

Clockwise from top left: A man selling hats and slippers; durians; a guy manning his accessories stall; Ian checking out food. :P

Roti jala kuah durian. Some of the others tried this and pronounced it very bland.

The putu mayong, at least, was much more satisfactory to everyone (well, except me – I had one but it’s on the sweet side and I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth).

Dinner was at some gulai panas stall near the airport. We all look happy here… but it was before Nadia discovered that the crabs had some gross, worm-like things on the gills. That was kinda gross, and despite the people at the stall telling us that it’s “normal”, most of us were rather put off from eating the remaining crabs. Most of us. Some of them didn’t mind and said that well, it was all cooked already anyway, and it isn’t as though we’d eat the gills… Those who didn’t mind ate the crab on behalf of those of us who did. haha (No one fell deathly ill after that so I suppose they managed to avoid any potential bacteria or whatever…)

Got anything to add or say? :D