I don’t like thinking of blog post titles…

When I suddenly seem to stop posting, it’s generally for one of four reasons:

  1. Nothing to say.
  2. Gone into a “no-one-reads-this” slump.
  3. Work has become too consuming.
  4. No Internet access.

This time it was #3. Was told on Monday to draft Chapter 2 of my thesis… by Friday. Yep, I was reeeeeeeal happy about that. Had to speed-read from Monday evening to Thursday evening, and then basically coughed out 3000 words in 12 hours. So much fun.

Didn’t want to fall asleep on Friday afternoon and mess up my sleep cycle (which was already kinda off to begin with) so I went out in the evening – wandered in some of the shops on Princes St (Zara has some nice coats!) then went to see a screening of some Spanish stop-motion animations with Jemma, after which we had dinner at McD. I dropped by Tesco before going home and finally got home at I think about 11pm. Slept at midnight – which meant that I’d been awake for more than 24 hours. 8D

The screening was interesting though. Some of the shorts were quite funny. And there was a Q&A session after it with the animator of one of the shorts. I didn’t ask any questions, but other people did. So that was kinda interesting.


Before I go on about some other random stuff, let me ask you: what’s wrong with this picture below?

… Nothing?

Well, it was taken at 8PM. This is night. NIGHT.

Currently the sun sets at 9-something.

Super weird, k. It’s playing havoc with my mind. And I realised that I work best when it’s dark. When it’s bright, all I want to do is go out and see stuff and do stuff – anything but read serious books and write serious stuff. Oh, and sunrise is at 5-something in the morning. How la like this? @_@ (Apparently in summer it only turns dark here at 11pm…)


Anyway, back to randomness. I was looking at the songs I’d been listening to for most of last week – music that’s been keeping me company throughout my crazy rush-writing – and it’s quite a strange mix. hahah I’ve some J-pop, some soundtracks, some classical, some doowop, traditional(?) Chinese pieces… even a couple of K-pop songs and a C-pop one. lol See list below (vaguely grouped by type/artist):

  • Sekai no Yakusoku ~Jinsei no Merry-go-round~ (Hisaishi Joe, for Howl’s Moving Castle)
  • Summer (Hisaishi Joe, for Kikujiro no Natsu)
  • Totoro medley (Hisaishi Joe)
  • Undercurrent (Faye Wong) – Cantonese song
  • Perhaps Love (HowL & J) – Korean song
  • Dang Shineun… (Stay) – Korean song
  • Shooting Star (Boyzone, for Disney’s Hercules)
  • Reflection (Vanessa Mae, instrumental version for Mulan)
  • His Eye is on the Sparrow (Idea of North)
  • Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee (instrumental)
  • On My Own (Les Misérables)
  • Who Am I? (Les Misérables)
  • A Little Fall of Rain (Les Misérables)
  • Valjean Arrested, Valjean Forgiven (Les Misérables)
  • Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto
  • Autumn Moon on a Calm Lake
  • Flower Drums
  • Yellow River Piano Concerto
  • weeeek (NEWS)
  • Konna ni Chikaku de (Crystal Kay)
  • Kiseki (GReeeeN)
  • Sekai de ichiban kimi ga suki (Hirai Ken)
  • Sayaendou (NEWS)
  • WISH (Arashi, piano version)
  • Love so sweet (Arashi, piano version)
  • One Love (Arashi, piano version)
  • Destination Moon (Nat King Cole) – this is more swing/jazz than doo-wop, but oh well. hahah
  • Sh-Boom (The Chords)
  • Pizza Pie (Norman Fox & The Rob Roys)
  • Blue Moon (The Marcels)
  • Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers)
  • Canon in D (Pachelbel)
  • Symphony No. 1 in D (Mahler)
  • Symphony No. 9 in E minor (Dvorak)

I’m really amused at myself right now. How would I describe my taste in music? I mean, I have a song called Pizza Pie (which is cute, by the way) in the same list as Mahler’s first symphony. hahahahahah


Got anything to add or say? :D