Disney Dubbed


Meant to post this last night but then my webhost must’ve been undergoing maintenance or something because when I hit “Publish” it gave me an error message. D: Fortunately, a draft was saved, so I just needed to make some edits and now I can post this!


I spent most of last night listening to Disney songs on Youtube – dubbed in Japanese, Spanish, French and Cantonese. ahaha (I will admit to attempting to sing along if the lyrics were given. Obviously Japanese was the simplest for me, followed by Spanish. French was difficult and Cantonese… er, the Cantonese ones didn’t give me any lyrics to read. lol.)

I don’t have any particular opinion about how the songs are translated because I’m not fluent in any of those languages. Japanese is the one I understand best of the lot, but even then my understanding is relatively sketchy (but fortunately a lot of the Japanese dubs had translations! haha). Anyway, after all that, I have come to a few conclusions about the various dubs:

1. All the love songs sound twice as romantic in French as in the other languages and make me wish I could speak French. Case in point, “So This is Love” from Cinderella, or “C’est ca l’amour“:


2. The Japanese seem to be better at choosing voices. Some of them sound super accurate to me (and by that I mean that they sound remarkably like the original English voice actors, only in Japanese). And they seem particularly good at casting “characters” – comical, scary, etc. E.g. “The Mob Song” from Beauty & the Beast:

Whoever voiced Gaston in the Japanese dub did a good job – he really sounds quite like Richard White! The voices of Belle, her father, Lumiere, Mrs Potts, and etc. are pretty similar to the original English voices too (in my opinion, anyway).


3. Cantonese dubs seem to really work for comic effect. They’re just… funny somehow. E.g. “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King:


4. When it comes to the Spanish dubs, I seem to prefer the more upbeat songs. Not sure why though. hahah. Maybe it has to do with the pronounciation? *shrugs* For example, Prince Ali, Aladdin – “Gran Alí“:

Have a few more of my favourite dubbed pieces:

A Whole New World, Aladdin (Japanese)
Just because I think the Japanese voice actor really does sound like Brad Kane. But Jasmine’s voice actress has a bit more of a “girly” tone – no match for Lea Salonga, really. hahah

A Whole New World, Aladdin (French)

Can You Feel the Love Tonight, The Lion King (French)
Sii~gh. ♥

Honor to Us All, Mulan (Spanish)

Reflection, Mulan (Japanese)

This is Halloween, Nightmare Before Christmas (Japanese)

Be Our Guest, Beauty & the Beast (Spanish)

Something There, Beauty & the Beast (Japanese)


Got anything to add or say? :D