It is really really nice to know that my ex-students actually liked me and thought I was a good teacher – despite the fact that I’d never taught a class in my life prior to June 2008.

Student X to me on Yahoo!Messenger (paraphrased slightly for easy reading):
Come back and teach my cousin!
[The New Lecturer] sucks!!
Ruining my cousin’s future!

(Her cousin is now doing Sem 1 in the same college, hence the remark.)

I just feel all warm and fuzzy at the moment. Like, “Awww… they liked me!” haha

Am really sorry to hear that the new lecturer’s not up to par (although I can’t say I’m surprised – met the guy before I left and didn’t exactly get the grandest impression) because the students will suffer. Especially when he’s teaching some of my former courses, one of which is the Photoshop class – the absolute basic software for designers today. Sigh.

Well anyway, if I really am a good teacher I would have to thank my mother, who’s an amazing English teacher! (And maybe it kinda runs in the family… My dad was a teacher before he went into business and two of my aunts are teachers too. 8D )


  1. seeeeeeeeee!!! and you’ll make an excellent HOD as well … so come back!!!! *wink wink*

  2. hahahaha
    Dowan to be HOD la. Scary!!

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