… yea, right.
That’s just some Greek-style monument on Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Strolled up there a couple of times, so these photos are from two separate occasions.

It has a nice view of the Princes Street area.

I still… don’t quite know how people lie down in the glaring sun and read. Or sleep. (Unless they’ve just come off an awful, spinning teacup ride and badly need to lie down.)

When the sky is blue, it is blue

… so blue that it almost looks unreal.

This thing really kinda looks like the Parthenon if you just glance at it and are not an archaeologist.

Lens flare!

View of Arthur’s Seat and the Crags from Calton Hill.

I like the clouds on the right side… Cloudssss. Those half-sunny-but-mostly-cloudy days are still my favourites I think – not too hot, not too cold. And the colours in photographs come out just right~

(Hm. Suddenly the colour balance in this looks off to me…)

Another angle of the Parthenon-like thingy.

Flowers, flowers.

Flowers! And a tiny bit of lens flare…


In other news… Argentina 1 Nigeria 0 (and it’s really thanks to Nigeria’s keeper Enyeama that the score wasn’t 4-0 or something at the end – the guy did well to stop the multiple attempts on goal by Argentina), and USA 1 England 1. HAHAHA.

Sorry la. Let me gloat a little bit. For all we know England might do brilliantly the rest of the tournament so I’d like to enjoy this while I can. :P


Got anything to add or say? :D