EIFF Opening Gala – in brief


(If I could add a sub-header to this, I’d put “Star-gazing” or something like that there.)

“In brief” first because I’m not in the mood to edit and comment on more than 4 or 5 photos at the moment. This will probably be the more impressive post though, because…

I saw Captain Picard. I mean, I saw Sir Patrick Stewart!
And he was like, less than a metre away from where I was standing, watching the VIPs arrive and being a paparazzo.

Also also also, I saw Sir Sean Connery!!
We just about flipped out when this guy standing beside us called out to him and basically asked “Sir Sean” if he could have a photo with him. Connery nicely obliged and came over to take a picture (over the dividing railing) with this guy and thus we were tooootally within touching distance of him. I think we were just utterly star-struck, both thinking along the lines of, [We’re] THIS CLOSE to Sean Connery!

Other big-ish names we glimpsed… Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies; hard to recognise him without the long blond Malfoy hair) and Britt Ekland (whom I wouldn’t have recognised if I’d been there alone for sure).
isaacs + ekland

And America Ferrera (Ugly Betty).



All cool, but still… highlights were definitely Captain Picard and Indiana Jones’ dad. hahah!



  1. SEAN CONNERY!!!! @_@ … *pengsan*

    How can u be so lucky??? First you’re like a kabazillion lights years away from KERBAU!!! Now THIS!!!! Aiiyoooo ammmaaaa even I’m star struck just looking at the pics … u did not faint ah??? hehehhe …

  2. Rina: If I fainted then you’d have no pics to look at leh. So be glad that I didn’t! ahahah :P

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