EIFF Opening Gala – in brief


(If I could add a sub-header to this, I’d put “Star-gazing” or something like that there.)

“In brief” first because I’m not in the mood to edit and comment on more than 4 or 5 photos at the moment. This will probably be the more impressive post though, because…

I saw Captain Picard. I mean, I saw Sir Patrick Stewart!

And he was like, less than a metre away from where I was standing, watching the VIPs arrive and being a paparazzo.

Also also also, I saw Sir Sean Connery!!

We just about flipped out when this guy standing beside us called out to him and basically asked “Sir Sean” if he could have a photo with him. Connery nicely obliged and came over to take a picture (over the dividing railing) with this guy and thus we were tooootally within touching distance of him. I think we were just utterly star-struck, both thinking along the lines of, [We’re] THIS CLOSE to Sean Connery!

Other big-ish names we glimpsed… Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies; hard to recognise him without the long blond Malfoy hair) and Britt Ekland (whom I wouldn’t have recognised if I’d been there alone for sure).

And America Ferrera (Ugly Betty).


All cool, but still… highlights were definitely Captain Picard and Indiana Jones’ dad. hahah!



  1. SEAN CONNERY!!!! @_@ … *pengsan*

    How can u be so lucky??? First you’re like a kabazillion lights years away from KERBAU!!! Now THIS!!!! Aiiyoooo ammmaaaa even I’m star struck just looking at the pics … u did not faint ah??? hehehhe …

  2. Rina: If I fainted then you’d have no pics to look at leh. So be glad that I didn’t! ahahah :P

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