The Ugly Duckling

I really liked Dumbo but at one point (I think I was maybe 8 or 9) I decided that I couldn’t ever watch it again because there’s that one scene – during the song Baby Mine – when I would be reduced to tears. Without fail. Every single time. So I stopped watching the show and haven’t seen it since then.

Then yesterday while wandering around Youtube, I found another old Disney cartoon that practically always strikes some extremely sensitive note within me and makes me either cry or want to cry badly: The Ugly Duckling.

Somehow, I now identify even more closely with the poor “ugly duckling” in that story and in that short in particular – on so many levels, not just the “ugly” part. The couple of sequences where it thinks it’s found a new family or friends to love it and then has all its hopes dashed, and the part where it meets the other cygnets and slinks away when Mommy Swan calls, thinking (mistakenly) that it’ll be rejected again… There are sooo many layers of emotion to the whole thing – abandonment, loneliness, false hopes, rejection, being left out, disappointment, insecurity, fear, and the list goes on.

*goes off to draw ducklings (and bunnies)*


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