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Perhaps I should have a new category called “Chatlogs” or “World Cup.”

All I did yesterday was catch up with the rest of my Project365 backlog – and thus am now completely up-to-date! (I think I may have overdone it a little with all the rabbits recently… but who cares? I need the cute and cuddly albeit imaginary bunnies that love me and my pencil-sketched characters. :P ) I felt like blogging but didn’t know what to blog about (nothing that wouldn’t constitute a rant or lament of some sort anyway) and didn’t feel like posting photos either because I wasn’t in the mood to comment on every photo I put up. So I went and hauled up a couple of other amusing chatlogs – both World Cup-related, naturally.

16 June
Youngest sister: i support…GERMANY!!!

Yuin: … Ballack isn’t even there


And more recently, during the Paraguay-Spain game, I was chatting with Rani – who wasn’t watching the match due to lack of mood after both Brazil and Argentina got kicked out (frankly, I was watching the game really mechanically apart from the drama of the penalty kicks; Argentina’s awful defeat gave me the blues…):

3 July
Yuin: whoaaa sudden drama
penalty to spain now right on the counter-attack
Rani: wow
i hope they get it

Y: yayyyyy
huh? what?
oh no, have to retake
R: still 0-0

Y: the others moved in before Alonso kicked the penalty
missed this time
(can you hear that sound? it’s the sound of my head hitting the desk)

R: lol!!!
Y: that’s a new one – ppl rarely say I’m funny. hahaha
R: u r, the sound thing… it just cracked me up
i can literally imagine the look on ur face

Apparently I’m funny. That’s rather new. 8D


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  1. =__________________________= at least the camera zoomed in on him a couple of times. Btw, I’m on Spain’s side now that it’s Spain vs Germany.

  2. Germany HAS Ballack, he’s just not playing.. And yes, cos Villa and Torres are there. That’s one more than what Germany has! :D

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