Edinburgh Zoo 2

I figured I should get at least one of my three “photo posts” out of the way before I go to London on Monday so, here’s the pics from my second – and this time complete – trip to the zoo. :D

Couple of things to note: Obviously I didn’t take photos of every animal because I’d already gotten quite a number of pics on my first trip to the zoo last year. And as usual, click on the pics for bigger versions.

The Stanley cranes…

The skywalk thingy. This is new; wasn’t there when I was at the zoo last year. And it was a bank holiday or something (May 31st) so the zoo was fulllll of people with kids. Quite a lively atmosphere, really.

Pygmy hippo!

The chimpanzees’ outdoor enclosure:

This one had a cool pose, I thought. :P (Pic is blurry because of the dim lighting indoors, but you can see the post so that’s enough. hahah)

Rainbow lorikeet! These birds were soooo noisy. But they were in a special enclosure where people could walk through, and if you wanted to you could buy a little cup of honey or something to feed the lorikeets with. Neither of us did that, though. Would’ve been fun to try, but I was quite entertained being snap-happy with my camera.

Squirrel monkeys…

Capuchin monkey looking lonesome. *pets it* “I know how you feel sometimes…”

Capuchin monkeys outside.

Monkey in a field of flowers. hahaha

We really wanted to catch the penguin parade – or at least I really wanted to. lol – so we made our way to the penguin area about nice and early. The penguin parade is at 2.15 every day, so we parked ourselves under a tree on the grassy area next to the enclosures before 2. Yes, early. But there were already lots of people hanging around! See?

(The photo looked a bit boring so I fiddled around with some downloaded Photoshop effect actions to make it look a tad more interesting.)

About 5 minutes before the parade was due to start, the same area started looking like this:

And this is where we were:

The penguins take their little daily walk just basically in a circle around the grassy area. And, as the keepers reminded us several times over, it’s a voluntary thing for the penguins so there’s no guarantee how many of them will actually come out. Some days only a handful decide to go for the walk and some days just about all of them feel like they need the exercise. hahah We were lucky though – at least more than five decided to come for a walk with their keepers that day.

I don’t have any good photos of the parade… because I was too busy recording a video. :P

There’s a “click” and a freeze-frame in the middle because I accidentally pressed the button at that point. >_< But anyway! They’re SO CUTEEEE. You can hear the pitter-patter of their feet~

Penguins in the enclosure.

One penguin playing dead and the other one ignoring it in favour of some preening…

King penguins.

It was spring so there were baby animals all over the place – and lots in the penguin section. Baby penguins! More cuteness! I wanna take one home and cuddle it along with my imaginary rabbit and the ugly duckling.

This penguin was strangely silver – compared to the others that were much darker – but anyway! The chick at its feet was super cute too. ♥

(I think I basically went around the whole day declaring that something or other was cute – there were just too many adorable baby animals around, but especially so with the penguins….)

Baby penguin! Look at itttt. It’s so fuzzy.

And then I discovered that at one end there was actually a viewing port so you could see the penguins swimming. How did I not notice this the last time?? But it was difficult to get good photos – they swim so fast and there’s constant reflection in the glass (of myself or of other people). This was the best shot though, and I’m ridiculously proud of it:

Two warthogs basking in the sun…

*inserts random flower shot* Pretty purple flowers!

One of the two rhinos…

(The rhinos had totally separate enclosures. Hm… Wonder why. Probably both were male and putting them in the same space would have resulted in some awful fighting. *speculating* )

Giant anteater…

The  view from the top of the hill (the zoo is built on a hillside):

There was this little shady dell at the top which just looked perfect for a picnic…

Oh, I have to add: the weather was pretty darn good that day. Not too cold (except the few occasions when the wind picked up a bit) and not too hot. :)

Zebras and.. er… some other equine animal. Forgot what type of deer.

Zebras again!

Forgot what this one’s called too. I’m ashamed of myself…

The feline members of the zoo were irritating – a good many of them had obviously decided that being stared at by visitors was not fun and had gone into hiding somewhere in their enclosures. One of the tigers was visible, but it was sleeping… with its back to us. Sigh.

Oddly, there were battered-looking bowling pins in the tiger enclosures.

The lions were dozing too. This one lioness was sitting up, but looked sleepy. Oh well. Nocturnal animals.

The zoo’s tapir pair supposedly had a baby this year (or so the website said) but when we went to the tapir enclosure, there was only one – no, wait… Did we see even one? I can’t remember. Not sure if I’m confusing memories with the previous zoo visit or if I’m imagining it… (Journey, did we see any?)

Random bird that was a really bright blue.

A dik-dik! 8D

I didn’t realise that it actually looks a little bit creepy with that eye-spot until I looked at my photos later. Makes it seem like it has two eyes on each side of its head…

And t-th-that’s all, folks!


Got anything to add or say? :D