Summer in London, Day 2 – Part 2

My brain has apparently frozen again and refuses to come up with the last 3000-4000 words I need for my thesis conclusion. *sobs* I need inspirationnnn. :(

Anyway. I shall waste time make use of this free time to finish up the London Day 2 report.

And yes, we’re still talking about Hampton Court Palace here.

There were some ducks (I think?) wandering about…

And they had a carriage ride thing (for which you’d have to pay £3 or something so I didn’t bother). This pic was taken from inside the palace, before I ventured out into the gardens.

The garden from which I took that beautiful photo in the other blog post.

I ♥ this pic.

Random statue in the garden.


The same garden…

Another angle! (I really have nothing to say about these pics… It was just a particularly pretty garden and that side of the palace was particularly picturesque, so I got quite a few nice photos.)

In the garden on the other side, there was that maze… which was actually kind of scary to be in alone – as in, I was there by myself and not with friends. There were other people wandering the maze too but obviously I don’t know any of them. Very rapidly decided not to bother finding the middle of the maze since even if I found it I’d still need to find my way out and it’s quite intimidating when you don’t have anyone with you and every single part of the maze looks like this:

Garden near the.. er… Orangery?

Couldn’t go into a couple of these smaller gardens though – could only see from the outside.

Are those supposed to be birds…? Peacocks?

I would so have loved to get in there…

And then there was this:

Apparently the oldest and largest known grape vine in the world is in Hampton Court Palace. Over 200 years old.

A door with wisteria around it, next to the entrance  to the Great Vine.

*insert grand, echo-ey sound effects* Behold, the Great Vine!

Grapes on the Great Vine.

There was a small exhibit of sorts too.


And the front of Hampton Court Palace again… why is the horizon line on this tilted? argh.

The river beside the palace.

I fell asleep on the train back and nearly didn’t wake up when it arrived at Waterloo. -_-” (Another reason to dislike  travelling alone.)

The Trafalgar Square area.

Apparently that’s where Tourism Malaysia is? lol. Pretty good location, I must say.

Big Ben is visible from Trafalgar Square.

The National Gallery. I kinda felt compelled to visit it (the next day) because I think if I don’t visit at least one art gallery, half my friends are going to collapse of shock. I am such a walking contradiction sometimes – the so-called artistic person who doesn’t actually have much interest in art galleries. How can, right? lol.

Theatreland? 8D

Her Majesty’s Theatre, where I’d see Phantom of the Opera that night.

The stage for Phantom from where I was sitting.

If I turned to my left, this is what I saw:

(If I turned to my right it’d be pretty much the same too. haha)

I noticed over those three nights in London spent in the theatre that the people who sit in the middle of the rows are always the ones who most want to get up and walk out, thereby forcing the people sitting off to the sides to accommodate them. But the people at the sides seem less inclined to wander in and out of the theatre. It’s kind of irritating to be that person at the side who has to constantly stand because all the restless people in the middle want to go out.)

And to close, Charing Cross Station.


Got anything to add or say? :D