Edinburgh Festivals’ Cavalcade 2010

We interrupt your London Summer posts to talk about the Festivals’ Cavalcade. :P

I discovered it by chance when (on Saturday) I passed by a signboard that said “Edinburgh Festivals’ Cavalcade at Holyrood Park; Sun 8 August.” Something like that. But anyway after I got home from wandering the Fringe street stuff, I looked it up online and realised that it was some sort of parade. Yay! Parade!

We got to Holyrood Park fairly early – somewhere around 1.30, maybe? – and plopped down by the railing to eat our Subway sandwiches while waiting for the Cavalcade to begin at 2. (Tuna+tomates+onions+sweet onion sauce is tops!)

This is what the area around us looked like prior to the start of the parade.

There were even people sitting part way up the Crags watching. (I took this photo after the parade ended.)

It started a while after 2 – with a lotttt of bikers. That explained all the commotion at the Harley Davidson place opposite my flat in the morning. The noise woke me up and I had no idea what was going on. -_-”

And then there was a line of red and black Ferraris… I instantly thought of Gim Han. ahahaha

Horses! =D

Whee, and so it begins!

Lotsa bagpipes…

Colourful skirts, those…

I think most of the marching bands at the beginning of the parade are also participants at the Military Tattoo.

That harp thing is so interesting…

Red is a favoured colour with the bands.

The Royal Jordanian Army Band (according to BBC).

Tartan patterns and bagpipes abound.

All I can think of is: Buckingham Palace.

The Lady Boys of Bangkok. Seriously. There’s a huge circus-like tent set up in the Meadows for their performances, with trailers all around it…

There were trailers (or trucks or whatever you call them) with performers on them. Basically promoting whatever shows they’re having during this Fringe Festival.

The sky was kinda grey at one point.

I am so glad we got there early so I had a good view of stuff. Although there were a couple of kids beside us that were kind of irritating…

Actually, some of these “walking advertisements” were kinda boring to see… I liked the marching bands best~

Some of the floats/trailers just made me think: Uh… what? o_O

Giant green caterpillar! This was kinda funny.

The caterpillar would occasionally “eat” someone and you’d hear a bunch of shrieks coming from that direction. lol

… Well, this was familiar.

Chinese New Year! Or not.

There were some odd things too. Like this Falun-something-or-other that had to do with Chinese meditation. They had performers and a float too.

For some reason, it unsettled me slightly.

There was some Hare Krishna float as well, which unsettled me even more than the meditation float. Reminded me a bit of those Hindu processions and stuff back home. The incense usually puts me off the most. I was glad when it passed, frankly. Heh.

Presumably this was some salsa group or salsa school, although apparently the labels on the shirts of the performers is a brand of beer. lol

White horse!

And yay, marching bands again!

I liked looking at those banners. So colourful~

More tartan/plaid patterns and bagpipes.

First salsa, then samba.

The samba group had a creepy doll thing too.


More bagpipes…

And, video! I had short clips of most things in the parade and combined nearly all the clips into one video. It’s been so long since I touched a video editing software. lol.

Things to note/look out for:
– I strongly suggest you turn your speaker volume down a bit first – those bagpipes are quite loud. If you can’t hear then turn up the volume again, but don’t leave it full blast to start with.
– When the huge green caterpillar appears, you can hear some kids on the opposite side of the road yelling, “Eat me! Eat me!” It’s hilarious. :P

(At time of posting, Youtube is still telling me that the vid is “still being processed” so if it jumps a bit or does odd things, try again in a while. It’s also probably not as clear as it should be because I had to recompress it as the completed video was too large to be uploaded and the recompression kinda killed the clarity a bit.)


Got anything to add or say? :D