Summer in London, Day 3

Suddenly I feel like I’m getting tired of these posts… @_@

Anyway, Day 3. First item on the agenda: Hyde Park. (Marked in yellow is the route I walked. More or less.)

Trees, trees, trees. ♥

Had to laugh at this sign.

Seems like people ride in the park. I wanna do that too.

Random shot of bird feed thing.

Pretty pavilion/bandstand.

View of the Serpentine. It was a grey, cloudy day with occasional drizzles.

Had a bite to eat at the restaurant/cafe place overlooking the Serpentine. *points to picture below*

Took a photo of the Serpentine from where I sat.



Part of the path…

Wandered into the Rose Garden before I left Hyde Park.


Fountain. Or what’s supposed to be a fountain anyway. The water in there was kind of muddy and dirty.

Detailed pictures of flowers to come in the floral post.

Dropped by the V&A Museum. Didn’t take very many photos though. And for some reason a lot of my pictures came out blur and stuff. *sad*

The V&A adjoins the John Madejski Garden. (Not sure what that building on the other side is – maybe another part of the V&A; I didn’t manage to wander the whole place since I was a little pressed for time.

Close up of a mosaic.

I sat by that shallow pool there for a while. Kind of calming. Maybe it’s the island girl in me – water calms me.

The medieval/renaissance section.

They had two rooms full of plaster casts of statues and stuff.

Smiley face! hahahah (Ornamental box thing in the Japanese section.)

Then it was off to Trafalgar Square again to visit the National Art Gallery. But first! Look at the giant ship-in-a-bottle outside it. lol

The Square as viewed from the entrance to the Gallery.

The gallery as viewed from the Square. hahah

I think I know why I don’t like art galleries as much as I “should.” I can’t take pictures inside.

I spent most of my time in the Impressionist gallery and saw a few famous paintings there. Several Monets, and also Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Interestingly, all I thought was: So this is the famous sunflower picture. Cool. … Ok. Why am I not feeling awed?

It was strange. Of all the classical art periods, I probably like the Impressionist period the best and though I really do admire their way with colours and stuff, just standing there staring at the paintings didn’t do anything for me. I should be. I’m supposed to be the “artist” type. So why wasn’t I all agog and amazed? o_o

Meh. Anyway, have another picture of the Square.

Lastly, I hurried off to Covent Garden to catch Oliver! at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

The people who sat around me in the theatre were the most irritating EVERRRRR. The three people behind me – two women and one guy – whispered (loudly) quite a few times until I got fed up and turned around to look pointedly at them. Then they shut up. BUT there were a bunch of people two rows down from me who talked and talked and talked and would. Not. Stop. I could’ve thrown something at them… And I know I wouldn’t have missed either at that distance since there were four of them and there were a couple of empty seats in the row between us, giving me a wonderfully clear line of sight at the backs of their heads. Grrr. Good thing I had enough self-control and enough manners not to do something like that although I sure fantasised about it throughout the show.

There was also someone in the first row who stupidly kept on taking – or trying to take – pictures in the first act and the usher had to come and warn the person about 3 times. I could see that the usher was irritated, and rightly so. I was irritated too. Spoiling the experience for everyone… sigh.

But at least Oliver was awesome! Possibly the most energetic theatrical show I’ve seen – because of the number of kids in the cast, maybe? hahah

And that wraps up my summer trip to London! (Well, not quite – still got that post of flowersssss coming. haha)


Got anything to add or say? :D