The Flowers of London

Flowers, flowers, flowers. From random places in London, but mostly from the parks and Hampton Court.

I love this. Gorgeous yellow colour! (I was gonna say “yellow roses” but it strikes me that some of those blossoms aren’t exactly rose-like…)

Hm. St. James’s Park flowers, I think.

Bright bluish purple colour.



Another of my favourite pictures, despite the fact that orange isn’t my favourite colour. The creamy-looking texture of the flowers, the contrast of the orange and the dark green background, and the depth of field effect…

This was an interesting-looking plant.

Close up of flower on interesting-looking plant.

Used macro mode a lot for flowers… and if I couldn’t get close enough I resorted to forcing depth of field by use of zoom. Was trying on the arms and shoulders though.

Ok, I think it’s Hampton Court Palace flowers from here on…

I like this photo too! :D

The shape of this intrigued me…


Lovely pastel gradation on the flowers~ God is one amazing artist, that’s for sure.

Brilliant purple and bright yellow!

I suspect this is a foxglove. Foxgloves always make me think of Agatha Christie because of digitalis poisoning in one (or more?) of her stories that I read.

Another personal favourite.

Sunflowers! *reminisces about Girl Guide days in Sunflower patrol*

It looks like tissue paper, almost.

Right, now it’s pics from Rose Garden in Hyde Park.

Why does this make me think of Chinese New Year cards? Are these peonies or something? Nevertheless, pretty anyway.

Last picture – yellow roses! I think yellow roses are my favourites. =)


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