Lake District: Days 1-2

I made a trip to the Lake District a week after my solo London vacation. And this time I managed to drag someone along with me. hahaha

Day 1

Windermere was our destination, and it took us roughly 3-4 hours by train. It was rather annoying how our first train arrived late (at Oxenholme, I think? Can’t quite remember) and we missed our connecting train by something like a minute or two. Ended up having to buy new tickets and catch the next train.

Windermere is a small, small town…

I realised I forgot I take a photo of the B&B where we stayed. Meh. Anyway, we settled in then headed out for lunch before returning to the room to make a rough game plan for the next few days. The fairly heavy rain was not conducive to attempts to do anything besides hide indoors. After deciding in general what we’d do over the next couple of days, we then… decided to take a nap. 8D It was nearly 4pm by then and there isn’t much to do in the evenings/nights (not to mention the fact that it was still raining). But our ideas of “nap” clearly differ – one slept for 20 minutes, the other for 2 hours. Guess which was me. ha.

When I got up, we went to find dinner and then strolled around town in the rain for a bit.

There was a small river that looked quite ‘fierce’ – extra water from the constant rain and all that, y’know.

Back in our room, I regretted not having taken a pic of the place before we flung our stuff around and messed up our beds by sleeping on them. So I contented myself by taking pics of the window. haha

They provide coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the rooms. Being the chocolate lovers that we are, we chose to have hot chocolate while we played simulations of 8-bit games on a netbook (my friend’s netbook; I don’t have one). Or rather, I attempted to play them. But I’m rather awful at them. hahahaha I think I’m basically only good with Tetris. :P


Day 2

Breakfast at the Ashleigh Guest House is served at 8.30a.m. We were usually the first to come down for breakfast somehow.

The dining room:

The tables are numbered according to the rooms, and ours was #2.

The view from the window – the front of the B&B.

First, you start off with fruits while the nice proprietress comes and asks you how you’d like your eggs for breakfast and if you’d like coffee or tea.

I had scrambled eggs every day. Lazy to change. hahah But the breakfast was fantastic. Best three breakfasts in the UK for me. Baked beans, ham, mushrooms, a sausage, a hash brown, and good ol’ bread and butter. I’m not too concerned about the eggs and the tomato, but the rest of it was so sooo nice. ♥

After breakfast, we walked to Bowness-on-Windermere, the town right next to Lake Windermere. Bowness is a little bigger and busier than Windermere itself. A short stroll, about 20 minutes.

It was still all cloudy and drizzly that day. That also meant that it was colder than usual. I really regretted not bringing my red coat.

There were swans and ducks (and geese?) around…

We got round-trip boat tickets to Ambleside, the small town at the north end of Lake Windermere.

View from the boat. Also, there was a family on the boat who were clearly either from Singapore or Malaysia – that accent is unmistakable. hahaha (I keep on wondering if I’m going to sound different to everyone once I get back…)

Another view from the boat. Lots of low-lying clouds over the hills on the other side of the lake.

I like to see houses kind of “snuggled” in amongst the trees, e.g.:

Arriving at Ambleside…

At Ambleside, we headed for Stock Ghyll Park for a little walk. (Stock Ghyll Force is a waterfall in Ambelside, and is somewhere in Stock Ghyll Park.)

Rushing water…

Old bench covered in moss and stuff. I reeeally like this picture. :D

I also quite love how this picture turned out.

Water, water, water…

We didn’t make it to the actual Stock Ghyll Force, but it was an enjoyable walk despite the muddiness and everything. We decided that we’d had enough when we came across a gigantic puddle in the pathway that would have required us to squelch through what looked like a 2m-wide puddle of mud. Not an entertaining thought.


Oooh, is that ivy?

Passed by a cafe called the “Giggling Goose.” What? lol.

Still Ambleside…

There was a little mini-golf area. haha

There was a half-sunken boat in the lake. I’m curious to know why it’s like that – and does its owner know?

View of Lake Windermere.

Ladybird on the railing of the boat before we left.

Wray Castle.

Back at Bowness…


Stopped at a little shop to pick up some lunch in the form of baguettes or something like that. It had a nice-looking shelf full of jams.

Then it was on to the World of Beatrix Potter attraction! Apparently we both have mothers who adore Beatrix Potter, and we’re not too far off on the Beatrix Potter appreciation scale ourselves either (and we think rabbits are cute and fuzzy) so, this was a must-see.

They stagger entry to the place so it doesn’t get overcrowded. Had to wait a little while before going in.

Jemima Puddleduck. (I almost typed “Puddleglum” instead…)

Peter Rabbit! (“The most famous rabbit in the world,” they say. And we both wondered: What about Bugs Bunny? hahah.)

There was a little garden area, which I quite liked – mainly because at least my photos there would turn out decently. The pics indoors mostly came out blurry and were very grainy because I had to use the highest ISO. :/

Their signboards were just really appealing to look at.

Peter Rabbit’s coat hung out by Mr McGregor! hahahah

Weather report of the day.

I don’t know what this was for, but the carrots were cute-looking.

I found a mouse! :P (See the sign about  four pictures above.)

Squirrel Nutkin.

Tiny mice!

The Owl from the Squirrel Nutkin story. Kind of reminds me of the owl at the Edinburgh Zoo, actually.

Mrs. Tiggy-winkle.

Peter Rabbit’s mommy~

A mouse from The Tailor of Gloucester.

Look, it’s Mr McGregor! And can you see Peter Rabbit in the picture? (…that sounded like something out of a kids’ activity book.)

We stopped at the Beatrix Potter Tea Room for a drink.

And we had… yup, hot chocolate. ♥

It came with these tiny little marshmallows too. I normally don’t like marshmallows, but these baby-sized ones were too cute to not eat.

Back at Ashleigh, our room had been nicely cleaned and so before we messed it up again, I took a quick picture. haha

Gosh, I miss those pillows… I sometimes wonder if the fact that I have only one flat-ish pillow in my room is the reason why it’s difficult for me to get to sleep occasionally.

After a short rest, we went out for dinner. This is the view from where we were sitting. (We had lunch the day before at that place with the green awnings. haha)

And super-long post ends here. whew!


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  1. So nice and quaint and the World of Beatrix Potter looks so nice. I likes.

    Regarding this, “But our ideas of “nap” clearly differ – one slept for 20 minutes, the other for 2 hours. Guess which was me. ha.”

    Were you the one who napped 20 minutes? :p

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