Edinburgh Festival Fringe #2


I’m starting to confuse myself – don’t know whether to post about the Fringe or about the Lakes. Anyway, let’s have a bit more of the Fringe (which is just about ending actually) now.

I tend to end posts with videos (if there are any) but I think this time I’ll start with one. Used the song “One Short Day” from Wicked because it seemed to fit my mood over the last couple of weeks, particularly with all the festival madness going on. Just substitute “Emerald City” with “Edinburgh City.” :P The videos are kinda shaky and so on because well, I have no tripod here and a lot of them were zoomed in (camera zoom = magnified images and magnified shakiness). And anyway I didn’t plan it at all so I just had to make do with whatever random videos of the Fringe that I have and cut the clips on the beat rather than matching lyrics – although in a few cases I think they did end up sort of matching the feel or the pace, which pleased me quite a bit. 8D

No idea what performance this guy was trying to promote, but I’m guessing it had something to do with pirates.

If there was ever a time to try out fashions you’d never try otherwise, the Fringe is it. There’ll definitely be people dressed more strangely or more outrageously than you – unless you go all out and dress up like Ronald McDonald or something.

I think these pics were taken the day of the Cavalcade – we’d gone to High Street after the Cavalcade and I think it’s safe to say that although one of us was sporting a snazzy jazz-ish look complete with fedora and the other would probably have looked more at home on a beach somewhere with the dress and sun hat, no one even batted an eyelid. lol.

Some street performances are just… uh… Well, all this one did was kind of pretend to be a life-size puppet for people to take pictures with.

One of the rare street shows that I managed to see in its entirety and from a fairly good vantage point as well. (It has to be noted that cobblestones are rather uncomfortable to sit on…)

This guy was from New Zealand, I think.

His opening act was to put a rubber glove over his head, breathe into it and expand it until it burst.

It got pretty darn big too, before it burst. I loved how everyone was just kind of gaping and watching with a sort of horrified fascination (me included). Like, wouldn’t that hurt when it burst??

He also stuffed himself through a tennis racquet frame.

Did some juggling tricks and such. Standard street performer fare. But he was good at his chatter. I thought it was hilarious when he picked his ‘volunteer’ from the crowd, told the guy to enter the ‘stage’ and said that eeeveryone was going to clap and cheer for him because “they’re glad it’s not them [who’ll be the ‘victim].” :P

Another random event promoter, all dressed up.


Got anything to add or say? :D