“Well, I’m back.”

Perhaps I should have blogged on my last evening in Edinburgh (Thursday, September 2nd), but I was too busy having a highly emotional farewell and then attending to the tasks of clearing my room and sorting out packing details.

Perhaps I should have blogged when I got back. But then… lazy la.

Perhaps I should have blogged a couple of days later. Family affairs interrupted any intentions I might have had. But I’m blogging now because I decided that a temporary escape from 30°C weather into my air-conditioned room was a good idea. hahaha

My weekend plans all had to be scrapped due to my grandfather’s passing and gosh, what wouldn’t I have given for at least one of five people in particular to have been with me on Friday…. (It would have been just about quite impossible for three of those five to be around though, given how they’re not even in the same country and two of those three aren’t even in the same timezone. Bleh. Star Trek transporter technology would be soooo useful at these times.)

On a more light-hearted note, apparently my kid cousins have suddenly decided that I’m their piano teacher while they’re here for the funeral. I don’t really know why they decided on me except that I just happened to be plinking out some simple Disney stuff on the keyboard when they wandered into the room yesterday evening. Though you’d think that by now they’d have figured out that the really musical ones in the family are my sisters and not me. lol. I think my piano-playing ability is stuck somewhere at Grade 4 level, at least in terms of sight-reading. (Terrible; one wonders where all the skills I supposedly acquired from Grades 5 to 7 went to… Probably to the same place my Mandarin lessons and advanced math knowledge went.) Even more peculiar is the fact that I’m generally not much of a kid person – Ming and Yan are the ones who are really good with kids. Something’s odd about this picture. 8D In any case, it’s kind of amusing and also admittedly a bit gratifying since they seem to think I’m good at all this piano stuff though I know I’m not. :P

Speaking of music…

The MPO is trying to entice me to KL, I think. I went to check out their schedule on the website several days ago and just about hyperventilated at one point. The first thing that caught my eye was “Psycho.” Apparently they’re playing music from the Hitchcock  film? My immediate thought: Hm, I can think of someone who’d probably quite like that. ;)

And then there was “A Tribute to John Williams.” *cue hyperventilation* John Williams’s music?? Star Wars! Indy! Superman! Star Wars! Really?? EEEEEeeeeeeee. ♥ *hyperventilates some more*
Secondary thought: Day, I wish you were here to join me for that concert. I can think of no one better with whom I can flip out over John Williams music!

Next thing to come to my attention was “Stellar Firecrackers.” First, that sounded like a cool title. Second, Mozart’s Symphony No.41 was listed! Me likes. =)

Bravo Broadway” was the next attention-grabber. “The greatest hits from Broadway yesterday and today. Music from Gypsy, Funny Girl, My Fair Lady, Cabaret, Cats, Chicago, Les Miserables, Mama Mia! and Phantom of the Opera.” Sounds right up my alley, that one does!

Lastly, my eyes fell upon “Chinese Charmers” because in the middle of that programme is the Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto. I gasped audibly at that. Butterfly Lovers! AAHHHH! MPO, I LOVE YOU.

Looking at the dates, I realised that the John Williams tribute, Stellar Firecrackers and Chinese Charmers are all in the same month – March 2011. Perhaps I should start plotting to be in KL those three weekends. If I book early, flights ought to be quite cheap, no? *starts hatching plot*  (Square, wanna go? :P And JOHN! John See, if you’re reading this, tell me if you’re planning to attend any of these. hahaha)


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