One of the nice things about being home is that… I get to wear pretty shoes again! ♥ Open-toed shoes, strappy sandals, high heels, and colours besides black!

I pretty much lived in black shoes about 90% of the time I was in the UK. The remaining 10% belongs to the white sneakers that I originally wore to Edinburgh but got weary of really quick because I don’t like shoelaces. I don’t know what it is with me and shoelaces, but they never seem to stay. Used to irritate me that my laces would come undone a number of times whenever playing badminton. And when I was in Edinburgh it irritated me even more. Why can’t laces stay put? (I seem to recall that Day had trouble with shoelaces coming undone often too, so maybe it’s not just me…) Anyway, I basically wore black boots, black sneakers (with pink flowers) and black flats. Got really boring after a while, especially for a generally colour-mad person like me. Of course, I’d rather wear black shoes all the time than black clothes all the time, but still…

I dragged out most of my shoes from the shoe cupboard and lined ’em up on the stairs to take a few pics.

Look at the colourssss. White, blue-green, blue and beige, gold, silver, pink!

I thought it seemed like a lot, but Ming walked by when I was arranging them on the stairs and she said, “That’s all meh?” lol.
(I’m quite sure she and Yan have nearly twice the number of shoes I have. Seriously, I have that many and I’m not even a particularly avid shoe shopper, especially compared to them.)

I think there are two pairs of sandals/slippers somewhere outside and one or two more pairs of heels in the cupboard but I was too lazy to rummage through all the boxes for them. Moreover, that cupboard is infested with mosquitoes. I sprayed the closet with bug killer and shut the door, leaving the little bloodsuckers to hopefully suffocate to death. Die, mozzies, dieeeee.

The four pairs on the lowest stair are my “dressy shoes” – the black and the white/gold pairs in the middle were the shoes I wore at uNite ’05/06 and E-Nite ’06/07 I think (ha, I know at least one pair that I’ve left out of this pic – the black/gold one I wore at E-Nite ’03/04). And all four pairs of heels there are about 7-9cm high. (I’d say all are 9 except that I’m suddenly not sure if the silver/black one on the far right is 9cm as well.) Wearing them makes me feel tall~

The 8 pairs on the two upper steps are my casual/work shoes. Used to wear the white and the black pair on the top step the most often when I was teaching. Low-heeled and quite comfortable. The blue-green pair and the gold wedges on the middle step are probably my absolute favourite casual ones. I’ve worn them to work quite often too but when standing to teach a class for a long time, the black/silver or the white pair were better.

Sneakers do not generally form part of my collection. They exist purely for sports purposes in my mind. lol. (Well, except for that black pair I wore in Edinburgh of course.) I don’t think I dress for sneakers. The sporty casual look is Yan’s domain. hahaha

Random observations:

  • LOL, 9 of those 12 pairs are from the same brand. I clearly have a favourite shoe brand. 8D
  • I also obviously favour open-toed, strappy shoes.
  • It’s kind of odd how my shoe sizes seem to range from 5 to 7. There was even one pair that was a size 8, which is most bizarre. In the UK, my shoe size was generally about 5 or 5.5. Well, regardless, I have small feet. :P


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