Lake District: Day 3

Let’s finish this!

On Day 3 we hopped on a bus and went to Levens Hall near Kendal.

It’s one of those historic houses with big gardens; the topiary there is supposed to be one of the oldest in the world and was designed by one of the gardeners who helped design the gardens at Hampton Court.

The day started off drizzly and cloudy so the skies in my photos at Levens Hall all came out a blinding white. Sigh. I’d like to have a polarising lens filter or whatever you call those things…

Nevertheless, cloudy days kinda make natural greens seem even greener. : )

Interesting geometric shapes, some of those plants have…

And that plant there in the middle left reminds me of the Iron Giant.

This “gateway” made me feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland. hahah

And paths framed by thick growths of plants gave it all a very Secret Garden feel.

Pretty flowers!

Interesting purple blossoms of some sort.

And I’d only just made a remark about feeling like Alice when we turned a corner and found a few people playing croquet. Ahahahahhaha! (No flamingo-mallets and hedgehog-balls though.)

Little bubbling fountain.


Levens Hall had its own little maze – not too hard and certainly not as intimidating as the one at Hampton. And it has a rabbit! hare in the middle of it. hahah

This is the “Smoke House.”

This small building, triangular in shape, and built about 1700 is as far away from the House as possible. Facing North-West it is not a Summer house as may be imagined, but a place to which those members of the family and guests who had fallen prey to the smoking habit, introduced by Sir Walter Raleigh, were banished!

A sundial!

From Levens Hall we went back to Kendal. The River Kent runs through it.

Walked up the little hill to the ruins of Kendal Castle. The sun had come out by then so I managed to get pretty blue skies in pictures~

Lotsa clouds though. But I don’t mind. Generally I still like clouds.

After Kendal, we returned to Windermere and proceeded to walk up Orrest Head, which is about 784 feet high. Interestingly, Arthur’s Seat back in Edinburgh is only a little bit higher (823ft, according to Wiki) but climbing that one nearly killed me. :P I think it’s because Arthur’s Seat path we took was a straight line up and all grass and rock, whereas there was a winding road that went nearly all the way up Orrest Head, making it easier to walk. The scenery at the top is a really pretty one anyhow – great views of Lake Windermere and its surroundings. And I shall end this Day 3 post with a bunch of scenic pics from Orrest Head. :)

Oh, there were sheep wandering around the top of Orrest Head too. lol.


Got anything to add or say? :D