Don’t like thinking of blog post titles.


Chat excerpt from last week:

me: im starting to get lazy with 365
: me too
my fault

me: hahaha
square: i should be the motivating factor
now no one to motivate each other

Yeah… We’re both starting to lose motivation for the 365 stuff somehow. So she can’t motivate me, nor can I motivate her particularly well. Yay us.

I tend to resort to vectors, type and texture a lot when I run out of ideas or inspiration or mood and I’ve done quite a bit of both lately. Bad signs. Very bad.

Oh well. 知るもんか. 別に…


Random aside 1: I miss fat and fuzzy wild rabbits. :( (Not that I really got to cuddle one or anything…)

Random aside 2: At the rate I keep plinking out the same few songs on the piano day after day with no apparent signs of tiring of those pieces, it’d be no wonder if everyone in the house is quite sick of those songs by now. haha




  1. I resorted to tutorials. That’s worse than anyone. Just yesterday I was just talking to another person who is part of 365 and she gave up totally. Sighs.

  2. We’re all unmotivated! Yay! 8D

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