That Question.


(Conversations edited for clarity.)

When having lunch with SY several weeks ago…

SY: Then [when you went to Edinburgh] got no one suitable over there ah?
me: Ahahahaha, sadly, no.
SY: Oh. Aiyah, never mind la. But then hor, I think angmohs suit you loh.
me: (stunned) Heh? LOL.


When talking to Annie…

Annie: So you went there – didn’t find any guy there?
me: Nah, don’t have la. (changes topic a.s.a.p.)


Talking to my aunt on the phone when she called regarding my cousin’s upcoming wedding…

Aunt: Okay, so your family has 5 [people attending the dinner] and… you got any boyfriend to bring or not?
me: (mind says “Oh here we go again” and takes 2 seconds to cycle through possible responses) LOL, I wish!
Aunt: Har, you didn’t hook anyone there ah?
me: Er… no la. (“Not like that was likely to happen…”) Anyway most guys there not interested in commitment also…
Aunt: Ah, never mind – find someone here la!
me: haha, er, see how lah…


One would think that the main purpose of my going there was to find a boyfriend rather than get a degree. #-o (I daresay getting a degree is easier in comparison.) Occasionally I’m tempted to respond, “No, I’ve decided to become a nun,” and see how that goes.

Ah, well. I know they mean well; it’s just one of those things people like to ask about and take interest in. heh.


  1. At least they don’t try to ask you to join MCA cupid club…

  2. hahaha Penangites not so politically-inclined maybe. :P
    But if anyone does ask me to do that I think I’ll just tell them I’d rather be a nun than look so desperate…

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