That Time of the Year Again.


I know some people don’t approve of Christmas trees and such, but personally, I like them! I like the “look” of Christmas, the sounds of Christmas: the carols, the jazzy/swing-type music, the brass and piano and all the rest… The colours! Red and green, blue and white, gold and silver… Okay, so Christmas trees and such aren’t “Biblical.” Honestly, I’m inclined to say, “So what if they’re not?” The trees didn’t do anything to be taken as offensive. Heh. Anyway, Christmas trees are so pretty when all decked up.

Was kinda sad that I missed Christmas in Penang last year, although the Christmas play at Acts was fun to watch. It was my first Christmas away from home. (I really detest MMU’s scheduling.) But…


Only for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, though. Can’t afford to come back for a longer time. Final Crit is on December 26, and I can’t just run off and leave my groupmates with the work.

I remember in 2000, when my family went to KL for the weekend, I stayed back in Penang (yes, I saw no point in going to KL yet again… Only shopping mah, what else to do there? :P ). The first night they were gone, I set about ‘tweaking’ the Christmas tree. I think our colour scheme was gold decorations only that year. How do you ‘tweak’ it? By arranging the decorations to make sure that they look ‘balanced’ and don’t clash or block each other, etc. (What? Don’t need to stare. You should know I’d be the type that would enjoy fussing over that sort of detail. Hahahah) I went as far as turning off all the lights except for the ones on the tree so that I could arrange them to light the decorations in the best possible way. Especially those transparent glass baubles with gold strips inside them and anything else that glittered. :D The tree that year was a masterpiece. LOL

I think that was also the year when I had the gang over one night – Anna, Praeme, Yee Ling, Josh, etc. – and we sat in the living room with only the lights of the tree as illumination (not counting the lights in the kitchen – I think Ming was in the kitchen at the time with Varsha or someone)… Josh sat at the keyboard and played and sang Christmas-y stuff. And it was such a lovely night. Almost like those movie-type scenes. The warm Christmas tree lights glowing, beautiful Christmas music… *sighs at the memory*

And then… Kah Wei decided to play some other stuff on the guitar.

We threw him out to the balcony.