Top Ten Experiences

So I attempted to come up with a list of my 10 favourite experiences of my one-year stint in the UK, based on memorability and sheer enjoyment. (I think this list may vary depending on my mood, but at the moment, these stand. ^_^ ) I know I haven’t finished with blogging about the Lake District trip or the Fringe yet, but I’ll get to those another time.


10. Edinburgh Zoo (Trip #2)

Yes, what of it? I like animals, okay. And I say specifically my second trip there because (1) it wasn’t so cold and therefore the animals were more active, (2) I got to see the Penguin Parade, (3) I wasn’t so rushed, and (4) the company was better. haha

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe #2

I’m starting to confuse myself – don’t know whether to post about the Fringe or about the Lakes. Anyway, let’s have a bit more of the Fringe (which is just about ending actually) now.

I tend to end posts with videos (if there are any) but I think this time I’ll start with one. Used the song “One Short Day” from Wicked because it seemed to fit my mood over the last couple of weeks, particularly with all the festival madness going on. Just substitute “Emerald City” with “Edinburgh City.” :P The videos are kinda shaky and so on because well, I have no tripod here and a lot of them were zoomed in (camera zoom = magnified images and magnified shakiness). And anyway I didn’t plan it at all so I just had to make do with whatever random videos of the Fringe that I have and cut the clips on the beat rather than matching lyrics – although in a few cases I think they did end up sort of matching the feel or the pace, which pleased me quite a bit. 8D

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Little Things

In a slightly blue mood today so let’s see if I can cheer myself up by recalling some happy things.

– Paint, ceramics, music on my iPod (preferably retro doowop music or Christmas tunes), a cup of tea and me. Recipe for a couple of hours of bliss. ♥

– I’m getting my fill of jazz and swing these few days. ♪Fly me to the moon, let me sing among the stars~

– Got to see the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. So much fun in spite of the chill!

– Strolling around High Street and such with a friend makes for a pretty good afternoon. :)

– Copic markers make me happy. I feel like buying every single colour available in the art shop…

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Lake District: Days 1-2

I made a trip to the Lake District a week after my solo London vacation. And this time I managed to drag someone along with me. hahaha

Day 1

Windermere was our destination, and it took us roughly 3-4 hours by train. It was rather annoying how our first train arrived late (at Oxenholme, I think? Can’t quite remember) and we missed our connecting train by something like a minute or two. Ended up having to buy new tickets and catch the next train.

Windermere is a small, small town…

I realised I forgot I take a photo of the B&B where we stayed. Meh. Anyway, we settled in then headed out for lunch before returning to the room to make a rough game plan for the next few days. The fairly heavy rain was not conducive to attempts to do anything besides hide indoors. After deciding in general what we’d do over the next couple of days, we then… decided to take a nap. 8D It was nearly 4pm by then and there isn’t much to do in the evenings/nights (not to mention the fact that it was still raining). But our ideas of “nap” clearly differ – one slept for 20 minutes, the other for 2 hours. Guess which was me. ha.

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Today and Yesterday

Today was the final deadline for the thesis submissions and some of my classmates organised a celebration of sorts, which basically meant drinking from about 4.30pm. Fortunately for me, since they intend to party all night (and I’ll bet they’re still somewhere out there getting more and more inebriated as I type this post right now at past 11pm), they moderated their drinking earlier so by the time I decided to head home at 10-ish, none of them were particularly tipsy yet.
*thanks God profusely for sparing me the drunken or half-drunk behaviour*

Also, my apologies for the blog downtime yesterday. I have no idea what happened, but I wrote to the host server people and had them check on it. Whatever was wrong is fixed now. They said something about doing maintenance on the server soon so there may be some downtime again in the near future.

Yesterday was such a “good” day.

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe #1

I still have 3-4 days’ worth of Lake District photos to put up but for now, let’s just have a taste of the Fringe. Here are pics from my first day out at High Street, poking around the street performances the day after I finished the bulk of my thesis (which was on August 6) and was thus in a delightfully un-stressed mood. (Actually I’ve been in fairly marvellous spirits ever since then except for a few moody patches of loneliness and such. But no stress! haha)

High Street was packeddd. Still is every day now and will be so until the end of the month.

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Reel to Real

… is probably gonna be one of the best – if not the best – thing I will have seen at the Fringe Festival.

Story with lots of song-and-dance routines from classic movie musicals woven in and some pretty darn good use of projections to create backdrops and such. C’mon, they even did Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain sequence, Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, New York, New York and I think there was something reminiscent of American in Paris but not too sure about that… *trying to remember* There was also one I quite liked – Shoeless Joe. I just found that song and sequence really amusing. Well, anyway, there were quite a number of songs, some of which I didn’t recognise, but still fun to watch! Hm. There was Hit the Road, Jack but I don’t think that one’s from a musical. hahah

In any case, it was fun to watch! Wonder if I can squeeze in another viewing before the festival’s over.

Some pics grabbed off the website:

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