London: 30th December

I’m skipping Kensington Palace because my poor camera just isn’t canggih enough to handle the dim lighting inside it without flash so the majority of my pictures came out rather too dark and I don’t feel like going to all the effort of editing them at the moment. (Yes, I could have used my camera flash but I like I avoid using the flash if I can.)

So anyway, on this day, my youngest sister’s birthday, we went to St Paul’s Cathedral and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

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London: St. Alban’s

Met up with Ming, Yan and Shawn on December 28th, and Aunty Lee Choo and Uncle Kevin took us around St. Alban’s for a bit. I was definitely still flu-ey that day (apparently sleeping most of Christmas and Boxing Day didn’t help a great deal) and was extraordinarily clumsy (I fell down twice, which was so undignified and so not fun; I’m just lucky I didn’t twist my ankle or something).

Anyway, St. Alban’s…

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London: The Lion King

This might very well have been the highlight of my winter break, although it’s really hard to say which one I enjoyed more – this or the museums. It was a different sort of enjoyment. The museums were an intellectual paradise. This was… well, taking into account that I’m pretty much Disney-mad, that The Lion King is one of my favourite animated films, that I enjoy going to the theatre, and that I’m kind of an art-and-design person… It’s a sort of dream come true? ahahah

The Lyceum Theatre!

It was a little weird going to see a play all by myself – especially on Christmas Eve, when so many people were there in groups or with their kids. But I just kept telling myself: If you don’t see it now, you may not be able to see it ever! So enjoy!

And I did.

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Early Morning Snow

Too tired to edit+upload more photos at the moment, but here’s one looking out in the early morning at a snowy Hemel Hempstead from my aunt’s place where I stayed for a week or so during my winter break London trip.

… and I just realised that I forgot to fix the horizontal slant on this. -_-“

London: British Museum part 3

Last spurt for the British Museum!

By the time I finished with the main Egyptian, Assyrian and Grecian exhibits on the ground floor, I had less than an hour left and so pretty much flew through some other sections like the Egyptian mummies and the Chinese and Japanese exhibits. There was a Southeast Asia exhibit next to the Chinese one but I gave it one glance and automatically decided to ignore it since I was so short of time. Looked like there was a lot of Hindu statues and stuff that I didn’t fancy looking at anyway.
The Enlightenment section I visited on another day (I think it was after we went to Kensington Palace), along with two of the Greek displays that had been closed the previous time I went (the Mausoleum of Halikarnassos and the World of Alexander). But still, overall, these were more of “see-as-much-as-I-can-and-never-mind-the-info-already” which was kinda sad, since I really would’ve liked to know more about what I was looking at.

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