“You went to watch Frankenweenie? Isn’t that for kids?”

/:)  I found this ironic coming from a person who happens to really like Despicable Me. I haven’t seen it, and I understand that it’s a pretty decent movie, but from what I know of it, it is even more of a children’s film than Frankenweenie is.

To summarise the story: Clever and introverted Victor Frankenstein lives in a small town called New Holland (which really reminded me of the town where Edward Scissorhands lived). When his beloved Sparky dies, Victor is inconsolable. Then one day during a science lesson in school, Victor is inspired to attempt to raise his dog from the dead – and he succeeds! But some of his classmates discover this fact, and each tries to replicate his experiment, with consequences both dire and hilarious.

I think of Frankenweenie as Tim Burton’s personal pet project. He came up with the story when he was an animator at Disney, and eventually managed to get it made into a short film in 1984 – but that didn’t work out so well and Disney sacked him. Now, years and years later, they give him leave to make it a full-length animated movie, which he does with his signature style and wit. And proves that you don’t need a a film to be in full colour for it to be interesting. Frankenweenie, I give thee three and a half stars: ★★★½

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