April 14, 2017
by yuiny


Risen (2017)
Risen is a 2016 film starring Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton that tells the story of a fictional Roman tribune, Clavius, who is tasked with finding the body of Jesus after it has apparently been taken from the tomb.

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April 9, 2017
by yuiny

Beauty & the Beast (2017)

Disney made a live-action version of one of its best-loved animated features, put Bill Condon at the helm and Emma Watson in the starring role. (It’s not the first live-action remake – there was The Jungle Book and even much earlier on, 101 Dalmatians.) Was it worth it?

Maybe. The movie had a built-in audience: primarily Beauty & the Beast fans and Harry Potter/Hermione fans. It was hardly going to be a financial flop.

Was it necessary? I say no.

NOTE: This is going to be a markedly biased review because I was not keen on this movie from the outset despite being fond of the 1991 original, and it did nothing to impress me or change my mind.

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