London: Natural History Museum part 1

So now that I’m back in my own room with access to a mouse and my tablet, I can edit and put up photos! My own Edinburgh photos are sadly backlogged (like pics from Stirling Castle, the zoo, Palace of Holyroodhouse…) but they can wait. hahah

Pulled out about 50 photos from the roughly 700 pics that I have from this one museum, but there are less than 50 in this post because I felt that 50+ was a bit much to have in one blog post.

They’re all clickable thumbnails so just click to see larger versions. :)

I unfortunately forgot to take a better view of the museum entrance so this’ll have to do.

Here’s the diplodocus again! :D

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Another Glimpse at Ancient Relics

It’s difficult to edit a lot of  photos without a mouse or a graphic tablet so larger photo posts will have to come once I’m back in Edinburgh. But here’s a glimpse at some of the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum from my trip there on Sunday. :)

The Elgin Marbles are what people generally call the Parthenon sculptures and architectural pieces that currently sit in the British Museum. It’s about half of what’s left of the Parthenon. No wonder the Greek government keeps pestering them to return it all, just like how the Egyptians want their Egyptian statues and mummies back. The BM has a lot. haahaha But then, I guess in a sense they’re indebted to the British for actually preserving that much of it. Who knows – if the British hadn’t taken all those pieces in the first place, they might not have lasted until now. I’m just glad I got to see them. ahahahah

The statues (statue remainders, rather) from left to right in the pic: a reclining youth, a figure assumed to represent Hermes, Athena, Poseidon and Iris. Just thought you’d like to know – even though it’s pretty much impossible to tell from those fragments. If I said they were Apollo, Zeus, Hera, Dionysius and Hebe you wouldn’t know the difference, would you? 8D


Merry Christmas, Everyone!

All cynicism about Christmas being commercialised and not really being Christ’s birthday and whatever else aside… I still think Christmastime one of the nicest times of the year and I wish I could be home with friends to celebrate it. :(

Anyway, have a great Christmas~! And let’s not forget the real meaning of it :)
Sometimes I think we let our cynicism clog our minds and it takes away the joy…

Random aside: The Lion King musical rocks. Not perfect – I have a few quibbles with some of the new songs and some of the rearrangements. But that’s very minor when the costume design and the set design and how the actors use the masks/puppets just blows you away… I’ll write a more detailed review someday.


London, day 1 in brief

Dropping a line on my blog from London~ (Well, Hemel Hempstead, really.)

Was out yesterday in London city but got caught in a massive traffic jam on the way back to my aunt’s house from Greenford station – it took us 5 hours to get back. @_@ And so, due to exhaustion, I’m not out today. But I must get out tomorrow. The museums are calling to meeee.

I was supposed to meet Rani at the Natural History Museum yesterday but got there before she did so I went in first. And spent 1.5 hours gawking at fossils. That’s just one section of the museum. When Rani – and Arun – found me, they asked, “So what have you seen so far?”

I said, “Well, I’ve been here since I came…”

Expectant smiles, waiting for me to continue.

“No, I mean, I’ve been here since I came. In this section only.”

They must’ve figured it was a mistake agreeing to meet me there at that point. ahahahah And to think I was only 3/4 through the dinosaur exhibit when they found me. 8D

Rani was shocked when I said I’d never been to London before this and demanded to know why I chose the museum first, of all things! I dunno. But why not? I loooove this sort of thing. Those technological museums don’t fascinate me so much (y’know, like those that talk about engineering and such) but nature and historical ones do. I’m probably a bit nuts, but I don’t care~~ :x

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