D is for Dance

Ok, this really should have been “D is for Disney,” given how much I obsess over Disney stuff… but at the moment I’m just feeling too tired and a bit too drained to write about happy Disney-related things. Then “Shall We Dance” came up on my playlist and I found my “D” post.

In recent years I’ve had the vague notion in my head that I would like to learn to dance. The “ballroom” dances, that is. Not the modern hip-hop and expressive dance and what not. I prefer the waltz, the jive, the paso doble and others like those. I don’t think I’d be any good at it, but I do feel like it’d be fun to try. Unfortunately for me, those dances require a partner and, well, that rather puts it out of my reach. And there’s also the little problem of me being rather clumsy… (So much for having a name that means – among other things – “graceful.” haha)

That aside: Argh, WordPress, can you not go for 6 months without some sort of upgrade? It’s really irritating for people like me who have to upgrade manually instead of automatically.


C is for Cobra

Specifically, the Bronx Zoo Cobra.
The cobra that escaped from its enclosure in the Bronx Zoo (it’s been found; don’t worry) has been a source of much entertainment for me lately.

The Twitter account someone made up for it (BronxZoosCobra) is quite funny. Here are some of my favourites tweets from the “cobra”…

The very first tweet:

I want to thank those animals from the movie “Madagascar.” They were a real inspiration.

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