Went to Aberdeen on Saturday for a little day trip and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Travelled up by bus and back by train; it takes about roughly 3 hours to get from Edinburgh to Aberdeen (the train is slightly faster, of course). Five of us went up to Aberdeen, but three went to watch roller derby, which was at the Beach Leisure Centre, and two of us went to the Codonas Amusement Park. The two places were kinda close to each other so we walked together from the station until we reached Codonas, where we split up. Took us about 20-25 minutes to walk there. It felt shorter though!

Uhm, Sheriff’s Court along Union Street in Aberdeen? I think la. Can’t quite remember at the moment. But that’s one elaborate clock tower…

Random apartment. There’s something 1960-ish about this.

Approaching the beach area. The weather was good that day!

First view of Codonas! The small mountain and the fake palm trees are part of the outdoor mini golf adventure thingy.

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