Avengers: Age of Ultron – First Impression

I went to see Age of Ultron. By myself. Because I have learned that waiting for people to keep me company for movies like this… is somewhat futile. Somehow I seem to ask either too late (and they already have plans with others to see the same movie, or they have already seen it with others) or too early (“cannot confirm yet”) and it doesn’t pan out half the time. So, I decided to just go see it myself. It’s not ideal, but I am really very tired of being rejected for one reason or another and of waiting around for people to “confirm” whether they’re free or not – and I really wanted to see this movie.

Note: I went in to the cinema having only seen the teaser trailer and the first trailer. I didn’t bother seeing the subsequent trailers because I was trying to keep my anticipation levels down – over-anticipation rarely ever helps a movie. :P

Here, then, is my first impression of Age of Ultron (henceforth AoU). Beware, spoilers!

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