Just something.

I feel like I haven’t posted art stuff in a while. *lightbulb* No wonder no one reads my blog anymore! lol. …Or it could also be because I don’t update much, maybe? Well, I’ll try to update more!

Something I tried a couple of weeks ago on (cheap) rice paper with (cheap) Chinese ink. I made it mostly because I wanted to try out my name-stamp. :P

And I need to get myself a better brush to use for these paintings. Maybe more than one. I can’t keep on using that old brush alone. I actually have a lot of brushes; but, see, ink is rather stubborn and it stains the brushes fantastically. Thus I end up using just this one particular brush when I try painting with ink so as not to spoil all my other brushes.

In other news: Sometimes I think I’m slowly addling my brain, trying to learn Japanese and re-learn my Spanish at the same time…

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Winds of Change

Before dinner, I was drawing this and totally planning to colour it nicely (I haven’t done a nice coloured pic in a long while). It was how I felt – like there was a little breath of change in the air, a breeze, if you will.

Some time after dinner, stuff came up and the breeze turned into a gale.

Not a cyclone, certainly, but a strong wind. It was unexpected, uncontrollable and it knocked over a few books and a vase, and a picture frame fell off the wall. (Talking in vague metaphors is kinda fun…)

I’m not to blame for the wind, of course, but in a way I feel like it’s my fault that the books fell off the shelf, that the vase crashed to the floor and broke, that the picture dropped from its hanging place on the wall. If only I had shut the window.

Office Doodles

I had some free time at the office on Friday when waiting for feedback from a client, so I took out a piece of scrap paper – half of an A4 sheet – and doodled random things. I aimed to fill up that half-A4 piece of paper with whatever I felt like drawing, so I did. :P

(Labelled with numbers for reference of certain things.)

1. The starting point! First drawing…
2. Second drawing. I don’t know why I added “don’t wanna study…” there. It’s not like I’m studying now. LOL
3. Third pic, random character.
4. Parts of lyrics of a song I was listening to at the time (in hiragana because I can’t write kanji)
5. Based off what I remember the concert performance for the Arashi song Right Back to You
6. Practicing my Elvish writing – in all three modes. 8D
7. Because a song that came up on my playlist had a lot of piano in it.
8. Names of songs

And all the other unlabelled stuff is just… random. Hahah

Present of Stars

God’s gift to me this year for my birthday was nice weather (ie. cloudy and cool) and a night sky clear enough to see a fair amount of stars as well as cool enough to sit outside on the porch and read or stand out in the garden and enjoy the starry expanse above.

(I keep thinking there really should be a nicer way to illustrate this, but then I’m not in the mood to do complex pictures. Heh.)

Thanks to everyone who remembered and sent me birthday SMSes or messages online! :D (Those who forgot – next year you owe me presents. So there. hahah!) 

And this is just a random doodle I did at work when I felt sick of doing non-illustrative stuff. :P

It’s 2008!

明けましておめえっとう!うわ~ 2007もう終わりだな。。。

Well… Here we are then. A new year. I didn’t get around to doing a nice 2007 recap due to lack of time, so I think I’ll just do a quick one now.

What I’ll probably remember most about 2007?

It’s the year I graduated! (As did Josh, Jia, Goon and Khay Soon and Timothy…)

Of course, that means it’s also the year I started working and earning my own money.

Didn’t you see that answer coming? :))

(I want to visit Disneyland and Hollywood again! I wanna go to Japan too! :P )

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE. God bless you all! =)

Four Days More!

Sometimes I really don’t get why people like to argue over how certain songs or how things like Christmas trees are “secular” and shouldn’t be used. I, for one, love all the little things we tend to associate with Christmas (except Santa Claus – the concept amuses me, but that’s about it). From an aesthetic point of view, they’re nice to see and interesting to work with. And anyway, it’s definitely better to hear the jazzy, brassy instrumentals of Christmas music in shopping malls as opposed to… Some of the other stuff one gets at other times of the year. Heh.

Cuddly Birdie

I was going to write a nice, “normal” blog post about my life at the moment, but then I lost the mood for it. :P So here’s another Christmas picture.

A fat, cuddly robin is one of those images I practically always associate with Christmas. Like angels, stables, stars, snowmen, bells…

Random points about my life:

  • Finished most of my Christmas shopping with Anna after work today. *relief* Now I just have to think about making Christmas cards.
  • Yay! Fran’s home! And Vin might be coming back too…? :D
  • I hope Mari and Risa come back from their little holiday to Singapore and Bangkok before Christmas. Would be nice to have them around (aaaand I’ll have someone to talk to about J-dramas =P )
  • The last time I dropped by Tower Records in Gurney, I found it very peculiar that there were albums/singles of V6 and Tackey & Tsubasa, but no Arashi. Strange.
  • Office feels like an ice box, thanks to the newly-repaired-so-now-must-test-at-full-blast air conditioning system. I need gloves to stop my fingers from freezing…

Do They?

Or maybe it’s like Halloweentown and Christmastown in Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, where they spend 364 days preparing for the day. :D

(Yes, I know it’s still kinda early for Christmas, but I don’t care. Hahahahaha)