Bunny was Late

Bunny was late so it jumped on a plate

And slid down the hill to school

Where it burst through the door, fell flat on the floor

And tumbled right into the pool.

Yes, there was a pool in the middle of school.

Why? I really don’t know.

Perhaps for the fish who all made a wish

That to school they could all go.


Jade Bunny Fishing

Sometimes the Jade Bunny likes to sit by the Endless Pool and try to catch glowing star-fish with a yellow moon pearl.

(Posted the inital line drawing of this on Instagram… and called Jade Bunny “Moon Bunny” by mistake. Oh well. Same thing I guess haha)

Two Very Short Bunny Scribbles

A poem and a paragraph.

The Sleepy Bunny
Because Anna messaged while at work the other day and said she was sleepy.

There was a sleepy bunny sitting at a table.
It saw a box of tea nearby with a red and yellow label.
So it grabbed a pot and cup and made itself some tea,
Then tossed the cup right out the window up into a tall oak tree.

To which Anna said: “why bunny waste teaaaaa? bad bunny”

I can only surmise that it’s because the tea tasted bad.
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