Top Ten Experiences

So I attempted to come up with a list of my 10 favourite experiences of my one-year stint in the UK, based on memorability and sheer enjoyment. (I think this list may vary depending on my mood, but at the moment, these stand. ^_^ ) I know I haven’t finished with blogging about the Lake District trip or the Fringe yet, but I’ll get to those another time.


10. Edinburgh Zoo (Trip #2)

Yes, what of it? I like animals, okay. And I say specifically my second trip there because (1) it wasn’t so cold and therefore the animals were more active, (2) I got to see the Penguin Parade, (3) I wasn’t so rushed, and (4) the company was better. haha

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Lake District: Days 1-2

I made a trip to the Lake District a week after my solo London vacation. And this time I managed to drag someone along with me. hahaha

Day 1

Windermere was our destination, and it took us roughly 3-4 hours by train. It was rather annoying how our first train arrived late (at Oxenholme, I think? Can’t quite remember) and we missed our connecting train by something like a minute or two. Ended up having to buy new tickets and catch the next train.

Windermere is a small, small town…

I realised I forgot I take a photo of the B&B where we stayed. Meh. Anyway, we settled in then headed out for lunch before returning to the room to make a rough game plan for the next few days. The fairly heavy rain was not conducive to attempts to do anything besides hide indoors. After deciding in general what we’d do over the next couple of days, we then… decided to take a nap. 8D It was nearly 4pm by then and there isn’t much to do in the evenings/nights (not to mention the fact that it was still raining). But our ideas of “nap” clearly differ – one slept for 20 minutes, the other for 2 hours. Guess which was me. ha.

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