Wedding at the Blue Mansion

Sue Lynn and Alvin tied the knot at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, and picked a 1920s/30s Shanghai theme… The location choice resulted in two things: (1) pretty and unusual surroundings for a wedding, and (2) all the guests basically wilting from the heat and humidity because the place has no air-conditioning. I got a few decent shots of the event.

The quaint little prop table they’d set up, with photos of the bride and groom and both sets of parents on their wedding day. (And random “period-appropriate” photos stuck on the two potted plants…)

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2013 Chinese New Year Cultural and Heritage Celebration

This year’s Heritage celebration was better than last year’s due to a combination of (a) a few more interesting events, (b) better planning on our side, and (c) either slightly less people around or better spacing of the event locations (or maybe both). Oh, and (d) significantly better weather. Actually, the weather was nearly perfect considering our climate: it was cloudy in the evening, which meant it was relatively cool, and though it drizzled a little bit, the rain somehow didn’t raise the humidity levels. I call that excellent weather.

The main gateway at somewhere around 6.10pm. Prettier than last year’s, but not prettier than the 2011 one.

I consider this cloudy light just about perfect lighting for outdoor photography (for people like me who don’t possess high-end DSLRs and fancy lenses anyway) – not too bright, not too dark.

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Romantic Fools

Romantic Fools is a barrel of laughs. I went to see it just now and really did enjoy it.

From genius New York playwright Rich Orloff, Romantic Fools is a comedic revue consisting of 12 two-character sketches about love, dating and romance. Directed by Reza Zainal Abidin, Romantic Fools will be led by an all-star cast featuring KL’s Queen of Comedy Joanne Kam, and renowned actor Tony Eusoff as the leads, with cameo appearances by Chelsia Ng, Iedil Putra, Megat Sharizal and Sarah Shahrum.
(Taken from Penang PAC’s website.)

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Penang Chinese New Year Celebration 2012

I went for this event last year and blogged about it. I went again this year on January 29th and… am blogging about it now. haha

This time we went early – at 6-something in the evening. (Last year we went at 7pm or after that I think.)

And even at 6 there were already masses of people in the heritage zone. Things would have gotten underway at 3pm although the official opening was at 6pm, so it kind of made sense.

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