Beauty & the Beast (2017)

Disney made a live-action version of one of its best-loved animated features, put Bill Condon at the helm and Emma Watson in the starring role. (It’s not the first live-action remake – there was The Jungle Book and even much earlier on, 101 Dalmatians.) Was it worth it?

Maybe. The movie had a built-in audience: primarily Beauty & the Beast fans and Harry Potter/Hermione fans. It was hardly going to be a financial flop.

Was it necessary? I say no.

NOTE: This is going to be a markedly biased review because I was not keen on this movie from the outset despite being fond of the 1991 original, and it did nothing to impress me or change my mind.

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My Fair Lady


The plot is simple: Professor Henry Higgins takes up Colonel Pickering’s challenge to turn Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle into a genteel lady by teaching her to speak proper English.

“The World’s Greatest Musical” is a bit of a stretch, but then just about every show touts itself as the best ever so I guess one can’t be surprised by that line. It may, however, be the greatest musical about the English language. (Because let’s face it – there just aren’t that many musicals that revolve around the premise of speaking proper English. haha)

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Monsters University

Every now and then I like to try and see if I can name all of Pixar’s feature films, and name them in the correct order. I generally get them right from Toy Story up until The Incredibles, and then from WALL-E onwards. I have a tendency to mix up Cars and Ratatouille – can’t seem to remember which came first. But usually I get all 13 films correct. With Monsters University, thirteen becomes fourteen. Out of these fourteen, I’ve seen nine in the cinemas – every single one starting from Finding Nemo – as well as all the short films attached to each movie. So I like to think of myself as something of a qualified Pixar movie critic. :P

So how does Monsters University (henceforth MU in this blog post) stack up against its thirteen predecessors? Middle-of-the-road Pixar work, I say.

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Princess Wen Cheng

I am happy to report that I was impressed by Princess Wen Cheng. It’s no wonder that this production travelled to perform in Taipei, Beijing and Xi’an. It is good. By no means perfect, but practically on level with the average West End production.

In a nutshell, Princess Wen Cheng is the story of the Tang Princess Wen Cheng who was sent to marry the Tubo king.

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