Short + Sweet Theatre 2015

It’s been some years since I went to see S+S in Penang. My reception of it back then was rather… Tepid. My overall impression seems to have been “generally grim and not fun.” I like the arts to be enjoyable, and I don’t find grimdark or gloomy or depressing things enjoyable.

Then I went to see S+S Dance this year and it was my misfortune that nearly all those in the week I went to see it were contemporary dances. I’ve got very limited appreciation for dances that seem to largely involve falling to the floor and rolling around with a variety of anguished facial expressions and contorted limbs. Give me ballroom dances, the dances of musicals, and lindy hop any day. Or even ballet (though I struggled to fully appreciate Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker when the Russian State Ballet of Siberia came to in Edinburgh back in 2010). I liked a couple of the performances I saw at S+S Dance, but on the whole I don’t think I was very impressed. I mean, clearly many of them can dance and are good dancers but were those performances enjoyable to me? Not really.

Anyhow, I also decided it was time to revisit S+S Theatre and so I did (after first roping Joash and Su Chen into seeing it with me :P ). This is the rundown of my impressions of the eleven that showed in Week 2.

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