Summer in London, Day 2 – Part 1

I ended up with 55 pictures to post so I’m splitting it into two parts.

And I’m doing part 1 now because I just finished drafting the third chapter of my thesis which leaves me with the 1000-word introduction chapter and the 4000-word conclusion chapter. Yay! I will work desperately and maybe if I’m blessed with some burst of super-inspiration I will be able to finish both in less than 2 weeks. *prays hard*

I also realised that Hans Zimmer’s music seems to be my “study/work” music. In the last sem of Delta year in MMU I remember listening to the soundtracks of Last Samurai and Pirates of the Caribbean a lot. Just now while finishing off the last 1000+ words of Chapter 3 I listened to both of those and the Inception soundtrack as well. (The music doesn’t always help – sometimes it’s horribly distracting – but sometimes it does help as a sort of subconscious distraction or something…)

Ok! Now onto London talk.

So Day 2 was Hampton Court Palace day, finished off with Phantom of the Opera. It was cloudy and drizzly, but I went to Hampton anyway! And probably strained my arms and shoulders trying to hold a camera in one hand and an umbrella in the other as well as having a bag slung across my shoulders half the day. I had to keep shifting the bag to different sides because after a while the shoulder it was slung over would really ache. I suspect the strain from all that was why a lot of my photos from day 3 were markedly poorer (in my estimation) since I couldn’t keep my hand as steady.


This is my favourite shot of the whole day. This particular garden was just beautiful, and with the fountain and that side of the palace… Makes me want to live there. hahah

* All the day 2 photos have been given colour treatment, like what I did with the EIFF Opening Gala pics, only a different treatment.

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Summer in London, Day 1

First, a couple of views of the British countryside from the train…

(Reminder, because I think some people forget: These pictures all link to larger versions. I just don’t like to put the larger pictures directly on my blog, breaking up the layout. heh.)

Got off at King’s Cross at about 2 in the afternoon, made my way via the very-convenient London Underground to the student hall where I’d be staying fort he next few days, settled in and then hopped out to start playing tourist.

First stop: Westminster.

The Underground station had several exits so I just picked one and it felt like I was spat out right on the bank of the River Thames. It was a nice bright day – good for outdoor photography (as long as you’re not trying to shoot into the sun).

The London Eye.

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